Zoro Moreira vs. Roger Huerta brutal soccer kick

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Soccer kicks are banned under the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts. Aside from obvious safety concerns, the spectacle of a full on soccer kick to the face is simply not accpeptable for most people, at least in the West. Roger Huerta vs Zorobabel Moreira did little to change that.

The Asia-base ONE FC organization is not regulated by an Athletic Commission, and has made the decision to use a rule set that includes elements from both the Unified Rules and the rules set from the now defunct Pride, inlcuding of course Soccer kicks.

ONE FC 4: Destiny of Warriors
23 June 2012
Stadium Negara
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Zorobabel Moreira def. Roger Huerta via KO soccer kick at 3:53 of round 2

One FC 4: Destiny of Warriors Results
Renato Babalu Sobral def. Tatsuya Mizuno by Arm Bar, R1
Zorobabel Moreira def. Roger Huerta by KO (Soccer Kick), R2
Leandro Issa def. Masakazu Imanari by Unanimous Decision
Adam Kayoom def. Gregor Gracie by Unanimous Decision
Eric Kelly def. Bae Young Kwon by Unanimous Decision
Arnaud Lepont def. Brian Choi by Submission (Rear Naked Choke), R3
Mitch Chilson def. AJ Vaa by Submission (Rear Naked Choke), R1
Marcos Escobar def. Rodrigo Praxedes by Submission (Choke), R3
Peter Davis def. Quek Kim Hock by TKO, R1

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jbapk site profile image  

7/2/12 12:05 PM by jbapk

If you saw someone getting punched in the face in "any other scenario" you would think that is fucked up to. Because fighting outside the sporting context is illegal.You like stroking your "ding dong" by selectively moralizing over fighting techniques, the rest of us do it over actually watching people fight.

Toquinho site profile image  

7/2/12 11:50 AM by Toquinho

Digusting... Just imagine overeem or carwin doing this to a skull. Glad its not allowed

KissMisery site profile image  

6/25/12 7:05 PM by KissMisery

The real problem is that most people who post are the same people who have never had a proper workout before. Let alone soccer kicked while on your fours. If you think its so cool, why don't you have your friend give it a go.Its like those people who complained about Victor Ortiz "quitting" because he only had a broken jaw. Only a broken jaw?! OK, Terminator, I'm sure you'd just pop it back in and go back to war!

DamnSevern site profile image  

6/25/12 5:32 PM by DamnSevern

 voted up

Dempsey Roll site profile image  

6/25/12 5:28 PM by Dempsey Roll

Soccer kicks and stomps are too dangerous, the neck can snap too easily.I think most people saw this disgusting old school dojo vid where a black homeless dude is killed by stomps by a wannabe tough guy who took himself too seriously like the tools that advocates stomps on forums. This gif reminded me of that.Boxing changed it's rules to minimizes death riskes. MMA can't afford to have anyone killed in the first place. Fuck off about the purity of the sport, there's nothing pure to it, it's not NHB and never will be, why the stomps but not the eyegouges? The kick to the groin/ The headbutt?Stop being so dense and go watch some Talibans vids, cause some of you are not into MMA but into seeing the most graphic violence availlable.

Gritty site profile image  

6/25/12 5:01 PM by Gritty

Again it's amazing that all the talk is about safe or not safe and nothing about the absurdity of cheering cause a guy punted a defenseless human being on all fours not moving. If you saw that in any other scenario in life you'd be like that is fucked up. Because they're wearing board shorts all of a sudden it's sick brah? Christ if it was a vid of a guy punting a dog you'd be hoping 4chan got the guy's name and hunted him down. Yes they both signed off on the rules but it's beyond mind blowing all you guys stroking your ding dongs cause you saw a dude get kicked like a field goal.

EckY site profile image  

6/25/12 4:29 PM by EckY

 It has happened many, many more times than just Vera. Soccer kick KOs are very rare and no more dangerous than standign head kick KOs or KOs from gnp.  We have PRIDE to back those facts up, 600 plus fights.

birdo site profile image  

6/25/12 3:14 PM by birdo

Yea that brutal force can possibly lead to early death, the first warning sign being a concussion

UGCTT_GRIZZLY_ADAMS site profile image  

6/25/12 3:08 PM by UGCTT_GRIZZLY_ADAMS

Ouch again.