Spencer Fisher: Thanks for the ride

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From: Spencer Fisher
Posted: June 23rd, 12:20 AM
Member Since: 4/25/04
Posts: 542

I would like to say thanks to everybody that has supported me through out my career.  But, I can't keep losing and expect to keep a career in fighting when you are losing more than you are winning.   Last night I did not get hurt once and found my range and felt like my old self again.  I was having fun again!  Congrats to Stout, he always brings out the best in me.  He did throw me off with his wrestling, I was expecting to be a mostly stand up fight.  But this is MMA not boxing. 

Thank you Dana White, Joe Silva and all you fans for your support.  And of course everyone that has helped me get here, there are too many of you to name.  I am not closing the door just yet, but I am not jumping into anything either.  Time is ticking for me. 

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Micha3l Kn1ght site profile image  

6/25/12 3:22 PM by Micha3l Kn1ght

Spencer is a fucking warrior plain an simple. Thanks for all your effort man you brought it in every fight seriously! And thanks for ko'ing weidman iv been a fan ever since homie!

Darup site profile image  

6/25/12 2:19 PM by Darup

 Thanks for the all the exciting fights! I know I am in the minority but I had you winning the fight against Stout. To me 1 minute of a takedown and minimal GnP shouldn't outweigh 4 minutes of being outstruck.

xx72novaxx site profile image  

6/25/12 1:58 PM by xx72novaxx

Thank you for all the time, effort and heart you put into all the great wars you were a part of.

pm1964 site profile image  

6/25/12 12:48 PM by pm1964

Thank you for another great fight Spencer. You always bring it and lay it on the line, and as fans, that's the very best thing we can ever expect from a fighter.

Son of Neckbone site profile image  

6/25/12 12:31 PM by Son of Neckbone

Sad to see my favorite fighter retire, but I understand. Thanks for it all, and congrats on winning the trilogy, regardless of washy judging.

Carma site profile image  

6/25/12 10:08 AM by Carma

Thank for all the great fights, you always knew if Spencer Fisher is on the card you're going to see a great fight....althopugh i hope to see you come back and fight at 145

beanouno site profile image  

6/25/12 9:25 AM by beanouno

Thanks for all the wars! I love watching your fights!

Thecalmone site profile image  

6/25/12 9:16 AM by Thecalmone

Good luck Spencer. You gave the fans exciting fights and that is all we can ask for . Thank you.

UGCTT_AsimpleFan site profile image  

6/25/12 7:56 AM by UGCTT_AsimpleFan

One more fight, at least. You looked great in that fight you just got beat on takedowns. Improve your sprawl and give us one more. As a fan from NC I only have so many fighters from the state to root for.

Victory Jay site profile image  

6/25/12 2:20 AM by Victory Jay

You are one of the neo pioneers my friend!  Loved watching you fight from the roller rink all the way to the big show!