Moreira explains soccer kick: Ref gave signal, I threw it


DM: As far as the stoppage goes, obviously the soccer kick is allowed but you didn’t look like you really wanted to throw it. What was running through your mind at that moment and seeing the result would you say that you’re a fan of the soccer kick in MMA?

ZM: Before I threw it, I looked at referee and he gave me signal and I threw it. Against Andy Wang I did not throw it as I was adapting to the rules but now I love the Pride rules, this is Asian MMA. Roger is a very tough fighter so I had to do everything to win this fight and when I had a chance to knock him out I had to take it.

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victorpoprock site profile image  

6/29/12 6:31 AM by victorpoprock

Oh bull shit. The ufc is not going to pressure another organization to change their rules. Dana and Lorenzo and Co have enough going on with their own promotion, they could give a shit less about changing the rules in another organization.

cm81 site profile image  

6/29/12 4:59 AM by cm81


PTM2020 site profile image  

6/29/12 4:23 AM by PTM2020

actually my fren, he proclaimed 'Low Kick'   he was interviewed after the fight and Renzo confirmed it. he shoulda stopped it though but in any case the kick was perfectly legal under OneFC's ruleset. the only time a kick to a down opponent is called off by the ref is when a fighter is knocked down by  a strike. Huerta just kinda laid on all fours after a missed takedown. Shimata shoulda stopped it right then & there but it was absolutely a legal kick under the rules.   

EckY site profile image  

6/29/12 4:20 AM by EckY

What is the difference when a guy is out on his feet and gets KOd with a big punch? Huerta got KOd, he is fine now, the soccer kick did no more damage than a head kick or would have.

adjust site profile image  

6/29/12 4:17 AM by adjust

pulver v arai for soccer kick administration.

PTM2020 site profile image  

6/29/12 3:57 AM by PTM2020

 ^good thing its not an U.S.  MMA promtion then, right?

JerodR site profile image  

6/29/12 3:20 AM by JerodR

Huge MMA fan, not just UFC. I have to say that is too much though. That is not something I have any interest in watching. Roger was clearly out of it and in no condition to continue let alone defend that kick. It was not needed at all. Wanna watch MMA go right down the toilet in the US...then allow that. I want to watch skilled fighters, not street thug fights.

cm81 site profile image  

6/29/12 12:03 AM by cm81

Could'nt agree with you more. Its exasperating that there are fans who call professional MMA fighters "cunts" for, God forbid, trying to win a fight within the stipulated rules.