UFC 148 Primetime teaser

by Chris Palmquist | source: The Underground

From the desk of UFC President Dana White:


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jackbquick site profile image  

6/28/12 6:46 PM by jackbquick


bram site profile image  

6/28/12 5:18 PM by bram

The only time it'll be on FX is at 2 in the morning...and why wouldn't fox want to advertise they're new sport?

Chris27 site profile image  

6/28/12 4:37 PM by Chris27

Why would it though?Yes that would be a good move but when hvae the put any primetime for a PPV on Fox?Only JDS/Cain which was a Fox fight they put that primetime on Fox.The rest have been on FX so its not like they have been putting them on Fox and this one all of a sudden isnt gonna be on Fox.

KingofBJJ site profile image  

6/28/12 4:21 PM by KingofBJJ

I appreciate the energy that people put into these creations, but honestly this is not going to be the best fight of the year, no matter what kind of hype Sonnen keeps doing.This is going to be a lame fight. Why because Silva already beat the guy, so when he beats him again what then? What does it prove? Silva doesn't become a better fighter as a result. Sonnen simply joins the ranks of guys who shouldn't be in the same ring with Silva

saucylv33 site profile image  

6/28/12 4:18 PM by saucylv33

"Knowing them, their dumbasses won't even put this on FOX."We don't want to be on Fox.

saucylv33 site profile image  

6/28/12 4:17 PM by saucylv33

This page will be updated but there's a few listed:http://www.ufc.com/news/ufc-primetime-silva-sonnen-2-airtimes

bram site profile image  

6/28/12 4:02 PM by bram

when the hell is this airing? Knowing them, their dumbasses won't even put this on FOX.

Dreamer site profile image  

6/28/12 2:31 PM by Dreamer

Why just one episode this time? Id think for as big a fight as this is theyd do the regular 3.

CindyO site profile image  

6/28/12 2:31 PM by CindyO

 Ha! Well played=) Cindy

DW site profile image  

6/28/12 1:46 PM by DW

 Damn right I do! :)