Who would be in a TUF Comeback season #2?

by Jack Brown | source: The Underground

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In his debut blog, he offers choices for a hypothetical repeat of the TUF Comback Season, which uniquely was composed of fighters that had fought in the UFC, but had yet to win a UFC title, rather than the usual cast of UFC hopefuls.

TUF 4 fighters included Travis Lutter, Charles McCarthy, Jorge Rivera, Mikey Burnett, Pete Spratt, Patrick Côté, Shonie Carter, Chris Lytle, Matt Serra, and Din Thomas.

Who should be in if they bring back the concept?

TUF Comeback Season 2  – The Lightweights

At this point, what red-blooded, Mikey Burnett loving, TUF 4 fan doesn’t want another comeback season?  Using some of the original comeback season’s blueprints, plus a few ground rules, here’s the candidates for the eight man cast of lightweights (sorry, Anthony Johnson - No chance at this cut).
Ground rules: Fighters should all be part of the UFC’s current lightweight roster, should not have fought for or had the title before (oh well, Sean Sherk, and you can stay at welterweight, Diego Sanchez), and should plausibly be three wins away from the title fight that winning the show would get them.  We’ll also leave out the current champ (way to be, Bendo), the number one contender (Edgar), and the other top four contenders (Diaz, Pettis, Cerrone, and Maynard) to keep the lightweight division active while the show plays out.

Must Have: 
These two guys bring the show instant credibility and let the fans know that the UFC is not holding back.  They’re also two tough guys in their prime who don’t have another path to a title shot given their recent losses .
Clay Guida – Guida is a regular fight-night headliner, and it might be hard to keep him off upcoming cards, but the dude is a star.  He could definitely have his own reality show.  But the reality is that after his loss to Maynard, Guida needs to win this show to get that title shot.
Jim Miller – Jim Miller has come close to fighting for the title, but losses to the division’s top fighters (Maynard, Edgar, Henderson, Diaz) have hurt him along the way.  Winning this show may mean a rematch with whichever of those guys is on top.

Must Watch:
These two guys will show the fans the full range of MMA techniques while also causing the occasional jaw to drop.  They’re also both coming off tough losses.
Joe Lauzon – Lauzon’s a TUF 5 veter an, and a twelve-fight veteran of the UFC, who has eight wins, and is almost always in great fights.  All of his wins have been finishes and seven of his last fights have earned fight bonuses.  After the Petttis loss at UFC 144, winning this show is the pathway that Joe needs for the title.
Edson Barboza – Barboza won his first four UFC fights impressively, and then lost spectacularly in his last. All the while Barboza has been an exciting fighter whose spinning wheel kick KO of Terry Etim at UFC 142 was an all-time great.  He also brings some Brazilian flavor to the show, and that can’t hurt.   

Made For Reality TV:
Like the previous candidates, these two guys are also coming off losses.   They also both bring unique skill sets that will make for interesting style match-ups with the other fighters.  But forget about all that, like Guida, these guys are crazy.  Crazy good, not crazy bad?  Either way, we may have the most bizarre behavior since Jeremy Jackson out of one of these enigmatic fighters.
Jacob Volkmann – Volkmann had a nice five-win run before Paul Sass submitted him at UFC 146.  Up until then he was walking the talk.  He might have the biggest mouth outside of the great and mighty Chael, and his politics are bound to rub someone the wrong way.
Melvin Guillard – A TUF 3 veteran, and a veteran of sixteen UFC fights dating back to 2005, he had a five-fight winning streak until suffering back to back rear naked choke losses to Lauzon and Miller.  Including Guillard could lead to some interesting rematches as well as a serious conflict of interests.  Guillard and Guida train together at Greg Jackson’s, but both have said that they would be open to fighting each other.   

Just For Fun:
The last two fighters are actually both coming off victories, but both are also just beginning to emerge from the dark depths that their prior losses led them to.  More importantly, MMA fans will definitely take notice when they hear these names.
Takanori Gomi – Gomi seemed doomed after being submitted by Florian, Guida, and Diaz, but he got a win with his back against the wall when he TKO’d Eiji Mitsuoka at UFC 144.  Gomi brings the Japanese flavor to the table.  He also brings out the “Pride Never Dies.”
Jamie Varner – Just last September, Varner lost a decision in the Titan Fight Championship to a fighter with a very infamous past.  When he returned to the big time on short notice at UFC 146, he shocked the MMA world with a TKO win over Edson Barboza.  Gomi, watch out.  The former WEC champ, Varner, is bringing the “WEC Never Dies”

For Further Consideration:
George Sotiropolous (We need that Australian market), Terry Etim (Love those Brits), Mark Bocek (Got to have a Canadian), Sam Stout (Got to have two Canadians), Mac Danzig (A Vegan), Matt Wiman (Just to fight Mac Danzig again), Evan Dunham (?), Thiago Tavares, Gleison Tibau, Rafael Dos Anjos, and anyone that you are going to get on me for not including.

In the next blog, the welterweights…


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cool hand Ed site profile image  

7/2/12 9:55 AM by cool hand Ed


BenBJJ site profile image  

7/1/12 10:55 PM by BenBJJ

Whoever they bring back, it's never going to best UFC Calgary!

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7/1/12 10:40 PM by Caught by Quick


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7/1/12 10:40 PM by Caught by Quick


MdGeist site profile image  

6/30/12 9:16 AM by MdGeist

I've been waiting for them to do another TUF Comeback season for along time. The whole idea of taking veteran fighters with an established fan base (as marginal as it may be) along with the footage of all their previous fights within the UFC, and then give them a title shot and a PPV headliner... Thats the way it should be.In recent years I've lost interest in TUF, I think I saw maybe two episodes of this most recent TUF Live. I know that TUF has become an avenue for up-incoming fighters to make their way into the UFC, but I really have no desire to sit through another season of noobs straight out of the amatuers. I'd much rather tune into Bellator which competed with TUF Live around the same time slot this year. People want to see established fighters with a recognizable face and history within the UFC or another MMA promotion.I agree with the OP in that it should be in the LW division due to the large roster but you're not going to be able to convince fighters like Lauzon, Gillard, Gomi, Varner, etc. who make 20-30 grand for one fight. But the oppurtunity to get that title shot may be able to rake in some big names within the LW division who be willing to take the risk.The most awesome thing about a TUF Comeback, is the oppurtunity to get the title shot: It is the closest thing to a Grand Prix that we are going to get outside of Japan

EVT site profile image  

6/30/12 7:41 AM by EVT

Chris Brennan?

cool hand Ed site profile image  

6/30/12 7:19 AM by cool hand Ed

LOL, so many people are missing the point of this, including the poster I quoted.THEY GET A FUCKING TITLE SHOT!You don't think the guys listed by the OP would jump at the chance to get a guaranteed automatic title shot? Hell, most fighters think they are the best in the division, they just haven't had their chance to show it. Ever talk to a fighter about a fight they lost personally? I love them but its always "I had an off night, I executed poorly, etc". What happens when a fighter loses to someone? They want a rematch with that guy so bad because they KNOW they are the better fighter and want to show it!So yes, TUF has progressed since season 4. The type of fighters you get now and the type that were on the show back then would/should be different!

MrMcPeach site profile image  

6/30/12 1:49 AM by MrMcPeach

Also, the well known guys mentioned ere are used to being paid to fight. TUF fighters don't get paid. Would make for a more expensive season as I doubt most of the names mentioned would do this for free.

MrMcPeach site profile image  

6/30/12 1:48 AM by MrMcPeach

It would be interesting to see a bunch of well known guys having to fight every 2 weeks as opposed to having a 2-3 month camp.

bigSurf6661 site profile image  

6/30/12 1:40 AM by bigSurf6661

ShinyaKawajiriEddie AlvarezMike chandlerKjnoonzGilbert MelendezMasvidalPat Healy Make it a quick 8 man show With badass lightweights from out of UFC organizations.