Siyar Bahadurzada out vs. Chris Clements at UFC 149, Matt Riddle in

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All five fights originally announced for the UFC 149 main card have been changed. UFC 149 will take place on July 21, 2012, Scotiabank Saddledome, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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UFC 149: oh sweet mercy.... Siyar out injured, new bout is Chris Clements vs Matt Riddle

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Up-and-comer Siyar Bahadurzada will now have to bow out of his July 21st scrap against Chris Clements with an undisclosed wound.

Clements initially stepped in for Thiago Alves to meet Bahadurzada after the Brazilian tore his pectoral muscle.

“Menace” posted a split decision victory over Keith Wisniewski in his big league debut at UFC 145. Clements will be riding a five-fight winning streak into the welterweight shootout.

Riddle salvaged his big league career by snapping a two-fight losing streak in his last outing. The former “The Ultimate Fighter 7″ contestant escaped with a split decision win over Henry Martinez at UFC 143.

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MrColdCock site profile image  

7/1/12 11:27 PM by MrColdCock

SlyStalloned echoed my thoughts. I have tickets and am going to sell them. I'm gonna be pissed if I get 50% for them and the UFC gives a that guy a full refund the next week. I should be buying up tickets like crazy and anti-scalping.I do hope a lot of scumbag scalpers get burned hard on this one though.

twodragunns site profile image  

7/1/12 9:01 PM by twodragunns

  Clements just got a gift replacement and an assurred win vs Riddle ........ Clements by tko r-1 or 2.

sinceufc2 site profile image  

7/1/12 4:28 PM by sinceufc2

The good news with this injury is that now we get the classic grappler versus striker matchup with Clements against Riddle. I'd be pumped if I had tickets.

random_perv site profile image  

7/1/12 4:14 PM by random_perv

Dana shits on boxing but ufc followed the same model.

r_o_y site profile image  

7/1/12 3:53 PM by r_o_y

UFC 149: "uh oh spaghettios"

SHOGUN250 site profile image  

7/1/12 1:22 PM by SHOGUN250

truthNot to mention, how fucking hard would it be for the UFC to offer a couple fighters an extra 50k (or something of the sort, it's not like ZUFFA is strapped for cash...) to move their fight a week ahead to salvage this disastrous PPV?Seriously, Lauzon/Varner or Browne/Rothwell are both on the fox show like 10 days after...... hello Dana/Joe, do you have a brain? Do you want the northwest to actually have SOME level of appreciation for coming here? Fucking make something like this happen then, jesus tittyfucking christ on a triscuit.

Dougie site profile image  

7/1/12 12:49 PM by Dougie

 Clements wil hit Riddle more times than a baby shakes a rattle!

Evzey site profile image  

7/1/12 12:27 PM by Evzey

That's worse than some fight night cards!

epwar site profile image  

7/1/12 12:27 PM by epwar

Moving the uninjured main draw (Shogun) to another card is definitely within the realm of Dana's fault.  

Motivated Penn site profile image  

7/1/12 12:19 PM by Motivated Penn

Heh.. man.. what can you do. It's not Dana's fault. Guys are getting injured too much. Something's gotta get changed.We can't have so many training injuries, or this low threshold for pulling out, combined with fights being announced so far ahead, you've got fights confirmed like 3 months ahead, and two guys going full speed in the gym, you are setting yourself up for cancellations.When the UFC announce huge fights in the future now, to me, it's like saying: hey, in 3 months exactly, there will be awesome weather, and blazing sun. Just guesswork, at this point.This card is just... demolished from what it was. I used to think stalling wrestlers were the worst problem in the UFC, then steroids, and now I definitely think these injuries are the worst.