Coach: I got a feeling Chael's done fighting


Chael Sonnen's trainer, Neil Melanson was a guest on The Verbal Submission and talked about the UFC 148 main event.

"Any time you're a part of training camp or you're friends with somebody and they lose, you just worry about them like, how are they gonna handle it mentally? Are they gonna come back from this?

"I don't know what Chael's plans are, but I got a feeling he's done fighting. I don't know. I've just got a feeling he's done. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think he was serious when he said, 'If you beat me, I will leave forever,' and there's a very good chance of that."

"I never met anyone that had a scenario where it’s like, ‘If I don’t win this then I’m done,’ it never worked out positive for them because, just in my experience, you have to love the grind and if you love the grind, eventually you’ll get what you want because you give up what you need to give up.

"Apparently Chael had his limit like, ‘This is it, I’ve had enough. If I don’t win this then it’s all not worth it.’ Having lost that, yeah, there’s a very good chance he could pursue other things.

"He’s a very smart guy, very well spoken. I know, whether he’ll admit to it or not, he has a lot of passion to be a broadcaster of sorts. He seems to excel in any type of speaking arrangement. He loves doing interviews. He loves hyping fights and I’m sure he loves training. He’s a good fighter. He’s a great fighter and he’s an awesome athlete but he can’t fight forever and maybe he’s at a point he’d like to do something else.

"Maybe I’m wrong. I hope I’m wrong."

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dannybjj site profile image  

7/10/12 11:44 PM by dannybjj

Fighter bashing. Ban this ass hat. If you fight in the ufc, you do not suck. You don't have to like the guy, but you couldn't even hold his jock.

Chris Leben is a Zombie site profile image  

7/10/12 11:41 PM by Chris Leben is a Zombie

Lol Sonnen has issues making 185....also why move down when you're top 3 in the world?He can give ANY MW trouble and I say beats them all aside from maybe Vitor...and Weidman depending on his wrestling

mikethecricket site profile image  

7/10/12 10:29 PM by mikethecricket

Could he move down?Sonnen vs Nick Diaz?

soloringo site profile image  

7/10/12 9:16 PM by soloringo

update, chael squashes all rumors and is honest and humble.

soloringo site profile image  

7/10/12 8:28 PM by soloringo

its really up to sonnen if he leaves now, but i personally wouldn't immediately after this defeat. even though i was rooting for silva i still will give sonnen respect as a fighter, however loud mouthed he is. sonnen v. wanderlei would be VERY entertaining, so hopefully he has a couple of fights left in him!

kostello site profile image  

7/9/12 5:21 PM by kostello

CHAEL SONNEN YOU ABSOLUTELY SUCK...(now leave the UFC like you said you would)

Wasa-B site profile image  

7/9/12 5:16 PM by Wasa-B

Too early to tell but would be pretty embarassig to go out like this.

DeRanker site profile image  

7/9/12 1:27 PM by DeRanker

If you love or hate his antics or persona, you should still give him a little bit of respect. He is a professional fighter, and I think anyone here would be hard pressed to find someone who has met him in person and had anything negative to say about him.I get that a lot of people don't care for the talking, but in person he is one of the coolest genuine guys you will ever meet.

IronTigerMMA site profile image  

7/9/12 1:14 PM by IronTigerMMA

 also owns his own pizza place

Zamiel site profile image  

7/9/12 12:34 PM by Zamiel

Actually he's a sociologist, successful author, wrestling coach, and broadcaster, on top of being the #2 middleweight fighter in the world. And his girlfriend is hotter than anyone you will ever touch. umad?