Renzo: Sonnen one of the most humble guys I've ever seen

by Mike Chiappetta | source:

Chael Sonnen spent months trash talking Anderson Silva to an extent not seen since Muhammad Ali taunted Joe Frazier into a lifetime of hatred for 'The Greatest'.

Then he went (relatively) silent. What happened?

A call from Renzo Gracie.

"You have to understand, he is one of the most humble guys I've ever seen," Renzo said. "He understood, agreed and completely changed."

"It's very easy to get lost when you start talking trash. It's very easy to get lost of the real focus. So, in reality, I didn’t call to tell him to chill. I called to show the goal that he should be aiming for. He’s a great kid, he listened and showed that he can be an unbelievable professional when he needs to."

"If he didn't talk that much, the fight wouldn't have happened."

"In the first round he completely dominated, and it shows the caliber of fighter he is. He was mounted in the first round. I know him, he could’ve done it for the five rounds if it was necessary. But when you end up getting lost in the media frenzy of talking trash and promoting the fight and insulting people, you end up losing the focus of the job that you have and the task you have ahead of you.

"When you hit that wall -- and fighting Anderson is always going to be tough -- so when you hit that wall of toughness, if you're mind is not 100 percent there, it's difficult to keep it up. In reality, I thought that’s what happened to him. Even though he had all the tools, his mind wasn't there 100 percent."

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Jack Skellington site profile image  

7/10/12 3:12 PM by Jack Skellington

Chael is hard to read sometimes

MattyECB site profile image  

7/10/12 3:10 PM by MattyECB

Except at the end of the day, it got Silva tons of Brazil fans, a huge fight, reinvigorated interest in his career after a series of embarassing fights (remember the shit leading up ot Silva-Sonnen I), and an asston in PPV%. So not exactly at his expense, beyond trashy words. Which were repaid in kind with blood - sooo iunno, AS kinda came out on top lol

StratTone site profile image  

7/10/12 2:47 PM by StratTone

One thing I never hear to much and don't think people think about is the fact that someone may think it is a character flaw to put someone down (even faking it) for finacial gain. I know some hug Chael, some hate, but here are some that just don't like the fact that Chael "hyped" a fight at someone else's expense. I'm sure many here would not be laughing if someone in your workplace jumped ahead in the ranks by bashing you constantly. Would you then say when he was above your pay scale that he just did what he had to do to get to the top? I realize we are talking about an entertainment industry but I'm pretty sure one person who didn't think it was funny was Silva.

mmavixen site profile image  

7/10/12 12:37 PM by mmavixen

 Anyone that's been lucky enough to have a conversation with Chael or some kind of interaction with him knows he's a great guy.   Munoz was just on the MMA Hour and said Chael offered him financial assistance when he was injured.  Munoz said he was very impressed by that. Anyone who thinks Chael actually beleived the stuff he was saying is a complete moron. Basically, he sold the fight.

NKTKDace site profile image  

7/10/12 11:05 AM by NKTKDace

I agree with you. Silva knew once it was over that Chael would be cool so I'm sure he knew to take that road and not come off as some sore winner.

GeoDim site profile image  

7/10/12 10:52 AM by GeoDim

It seems like they were at the end, especially with Silva's comments on the conference call, but I don't think Silva was in on it the whole time.

Chris Leben is a Zombie site profile image  

7/10/12 10:07 AM by Chris Leben is a Zombie

I 100% believe Sonnen-Silva were trolling us all to sell the fightMuch like Jerry the King and Kaufman

goku site profile image  

7/10/12 9:13 AM by goku