Werdum: Giving a title shot to Overeem 'not right'

by Erik Fontanez | source: yahoo.com

Overeem hasn't tested positive for any anabolic steroids, but the results from a random screening by the Nevada State Athletic Commission last March showed the fighter had abnormally high levels of testosterone. This is reason enough for the Brazilian to accuse the Dutch striker of cheating.

"Yeah, for sure," Werdum said when asked if he feels Overeem uses steroids, "because he had that positive test.

"Everybody knows because he's too big. It's not normal. The guy's too strong."

An immediate title fight following a suspension is disrespectful, according to Werdum.

"[For] Overeem to come back now and fight for the title, it's not good," he said, "because he [has] no respect for me and other guys.

"I'm training every day; he [tests] positive … it's not right."

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Toquinho site profile image  

7/23/12 1:55 PM by Toquinho

I like Werdum if he just doesnt say non sense. Seems like a nice guy and his fights in ufc are often interesting. He should just forget the trashtalk and keep winning an then he will meet overeem eventually for the rubber match. Unfortunately for him I think he is no match for Reem but like Reem he should let his fight do the talking and dont come with bs.

SambucA site profile image  

7/22/12 5:26 PM by SambucA

Verdum should not even speak in the same room as Overeem...

Reed Rothchild site profile image  

7/21/12 12:59 PM by Reed Rothchild

Ahh stfu up dickweed

valetudosuperfight site profile image  

7/21/12 12:39 PM by valetudosuperfight

Even if that's true everyone on the boards wants Barnett.Barnett vs. Big Country... Battle in the Bayou Buffet. think of the numbers!

junobeach site profile image  

7/21/12 7:47 AM by junobeach

The reem situation is kinda bad for mma because it's such an obvious case of willfull ignoranceThere's not a person in the world who doesn't know he's on steroids, he fails a random test, runs away for another.This isnt a guy who says "I cheated, I promise to stop, give me a second chance" he still pretends he doesn't cheat when it's obvious his plans are to continue doing itAnd yet everyone, UFC included, like to pretend he isn't a clear PED abuser because he will make them money.It's sad. UFC is no better than Japanese MMA anymore, except sometimes they pretend to care about PEDs when it's necessary to lie to the media

SKARHEAD site profile image  

7/21/12 7:47 AM by SKARHEAD

OBVIOUS answer is OBVIOUSZuffa and the boys would LOVE to have a fighter w/ a super hero physique like Overeem...He would look SO GOOD on the posters and promo video !Barnette's body ? Not marketable.

SKARHEAD site profile image  

7/21/12 7:43 AM by SKARHEAD

Out of sport forever ?NO.IMMEDIATE title shot after getting popped and RUINING an AWESOME main event ?NO.

Toquinho site profile image  

7/21/12 7:23 AM by Toquinho

Werdum is very good top 10. But overeem is just unstoppable and jds cain beat werdum

Chhem site profile image  

7/21/12 6:29 AM by Chhem

When I saw his response, "yeah, for sure" I had to laugh.

valetudosuperfight site profile image  

7/21/12 4:57 AM by valetudosuperfight

Lol people here hating on Werdum for nothing. Fabricio fucked up against JDS, but his striking is solid - he just prefers the ground and against AO, who he had beaten once already, he made the same mistake he made against AA - hoping that a primarily striking-based fighter would challenge in him the guard.Werdum was the first and so far only person to ever submit Fedor. He used some of the capital in his fight against AO, but since then he beat Nelson and he kicked Russow's ass. Why should AO get the shot when he hasn't fought since getting busted and oh yeah, got busted? Barnett was not given such kid glove treatment and people have been clamoring for him longer than horse meat guy.