Boetsch: I’ll beat whoever it takes to get there


“On paper, I think it’s hard to argue that anybody is really in front of me,” Boetsch said. “If you look at the last two guys that I’ve beaten, I think that’s a pretty good resume for a title shot. I’d like to see the argument for who I need to beat to actually be next in line or whoever they think is in front of me, whose credentials are better. Let’s do a little fighter math here and look at who they’ve beat that makes them more deserving. I think I’ve got to be close to the next guy in line.”

Boetsch is undefeated as a middleweight, having won all four of his fights in the division. Still, he vows to remain patient while waiting on his crack at the gold.

“I don’t feel disrespected,” he said. “I feel like you deserve what you earn, and if they don’t feel like I’ve earned that title shot yet, I’ll beat somebody else. I’ll beat whoever it takes to get there. Then I plan on getting that strap when it’s my turn.”

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ABE FROMAN site profile image  

7/27/12 1:51 AM by ABE FROMAN

Boetsch vs Belcher  Weidman vs Bisping These are firework matchups.

40oztofreedom site profile image  

7/27/12 1:39 AM by 40oztofreedom

I agree he got a lucky decision over Lombard and now he really believes he's ready for anybody. Good fighter but in over his head with these top contenders. He will get a reality check his next fight. Just my opinion

Brian Littlefield site profile image  

7/26/12 11:21 PM by Brian Littlefield

 Regardless of the match up. Hes earned it. 

naughtiidawg site profile image  

7/26/12 9:58 PM by naughtiidawg

Is that so? Well okami made him look like shyt until he got caught, and anderson literally SHATTED ON THUNDER!

ufcman187 site profile image  

7/26/12 9:35 PM by ufcman187

I can't speak for GSP, but I was not impressed by your last performance

American Shaolin site profile image  

7/26/12 8:11 PM by American Shaolin

Has to be Boetsch vs Weidman next so we can stop hearing Boetsch rant about title shots.He got dominated and landed a hail mary against Okami He got a gift decision against Lombard for throwin a few low kicks.

Zombie Flanders site profile image  

7/26/12 8:00 PM by Zombie Flanders

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHe didnt exactly make a statement his last fight.UFC knows they couldnt sell him as a legit threat to AS

robopimp site profile image  

7/26/12 7:07 PM by robopimp

He has absolutely no chance against Silva. Horrible matchup for him. He's slow and plodding and lacks the explosive athleticism to be a real threat.

3rdLion site profile image  

7/26/12 7:00 PM by 3rdLion

If he'd have finished Lombard or at least beat him up for 3 rounds then yeah it's probably his turn, but he didn't and his last couple of performances have been too underwhelming. He's not very marketable either.

twodragunns site profile image  

7/26/12 6:57 PM by twodragunns

 I definitely wouldn't bet against it, the way judges see fights these days ..... Boetsch actually thinks he beats Lombard and as a result has an inflated fighter ego. AS would destroy this guy in less than a round as would at least 3-4 othert MW's.