Machida KOs Bader, earns title shot


As the UFC on FOX 4 co-main event wore on, you could sense Ryan Bader getting more and more frustrated. He couldn't navigate the distance necessary to hit Machida, and certainly couldn't get close enough to initiate a takedown. Faced with that quandary, Bader chose to take the direct path and rush him.

Bad move.

Machida perfectly timed the charge, uncoiling a right hand that knocked Bader cold.

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Ryan "Darth" Bader Vs. Lyoto "The Dragon" Machida
Fight was scheduled for 3 rounds (5x5x5)
Name Ryan Bader <a href=Ryan Bader" src="" />
Height 6′ 2″ (187.96 cm)
Weight 205 (92.99 kg)
Record 14-2-0
Name Lyoto Machida <a href=Lyoto Machida" src="" />
Height 6′ 1″ (185.42 cm)
Weight 205 (92.99 kg)
Record 17-3-0
Team Black House
Lyoto Machida defeated Ryan Bader by KO (Punches, Round 2, 1:32)


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stonepony site profile image  

8/6/12 11:21 AM by stonepony

Agreed. Machida is the only guy with the tools to be any kind of a realistic threat IMO. Rashad seemed comfortable, because of his experience with JJ in the gym, but he was never in any kind of a position to win that fight. He was just the best at surviving the onslaught.Machida's karate blitz gives him a chance... But it's still such a small chance. He might hit Jones once or twice in the rematch. Most likely nothing clean or devastating. Dan has all the power in the world, but, he's going to be swinging at air and catching elbows between the eyes.

caseharts site profile image  

8/6/12 1:15 AM by caseharts

 no hes 7 behind. good day.

Fabefromfort site profile image  

8/6/12 1:11 AM by Fabefromfort

I think Jones is only 3 behind Silva in title defenses. Most of his resume has future hall of famers, and superstars. All fought Jones during their respective primes if not peaks. So, like I said, you could make a case already for Jones being the greatest ever. He only needs 3 tomato cans, and will still have an amazing record. The thing is I don't think the pace of his fighting will keep up, although I think he is OK with it. He is going through the division a second time here starting with Machida, which is astonishing. I think the Machida fight will be better than the first time through, ditto Rua. I think Rua has a great shot if he gets into shape. He got winded fast when the pace was pushed in the Vera fight. Vera could easily have taken that with an ounce more push. There was a little softness to Rua's midsection. Jones will not let him off the hook if he gets into no-man's land again, like he was against Vera. Machida ? He has a great camp, and tons of knowledge about the fight game. If he can somehow connect. It may well be a boring match next time around with Jones kicking, and aggressing to some points to win. Those Brazilians do have class. They all ease up, like Machida did when he saw Bader out cold.

SQUEEZIE site profile image  

8/5/12 7:57 PM by SQUEEZIE

machida fought dam near perfect the first time...he still got took down,cut up,rocked,dropped, choked out and dropped again.

confusionSay site profile image  

8/5/12 3:16 PM by confusionSay


Forssberg site profile image  

8/5/12 1:02 AM by Forssberg

I wouldn't congratulate Machida too much. Bader clearly didn't have the style and skillset to make this a competitive fight.

stonepony site profile image  

8/5/12 12:52 AM by stonepony

The problem with that is that JJ has been a completely new-and-improved fighter every time we've seen him. He will have improved significantly since he fought Lyoto. I can't see Lyoto making any major improvements or modifications to his game. He is what he is going to be. He's got the best chance against Jones, but, it's still an outside chance. The biggest improvement Lyoto can make, is to drop to MW...

hubris site profile image  

8/4/12 11:25 PM by hubris


cWa site profile image  

8/4/12 11:04 PM by cWa

IMO Machida would adjust more and game plan better. He'd have an answer for some of what Jones does. Still crazy to think Jones beat all of the contenders on the card already.

Addo site profile image  

8/4/12 10:51 PM by Addo

This, and if he does happen to lose hes got a new career at MW to look forward to.