Herman: Silva is ducking Weidman

source: The MMA Show

"Anderson's trying to duck him. I think it's 'cause Weidman can beat him and everyone knows it. It sucks, there's politics involved, there's a lot of money on the line, and it's sad to see the No. 1 contender not get a shot because Anderson's camp is choosing who he wants to fight.

I'd like to see Weidman get a shot because I think he can take out Anderson Silva."

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Glovegate site profile image  

8/11/12 12:55 AM by Glovegate

And? Why are you always crying about people mentioning walking weight then? Does Bisping weigh 228 in the cage? Didn't think so.Rashad seems to be a fairly light LHW but you can't complain about a certain argument and then use it when it suits you, brother. Stay honest.

orcus site profile image  

8/10/12 11:41 PM by orcus

"GSP is a WW"He's also one of the best fighters of all time."Evens has never fought MW EVER (said he'd only fight MW)"And? Rashad weighed 210 a week before his fight with Lyoto, that's nothing. Bisping began his training camp at 228."The guy is also belittled by AS's management team. Which is BS."Saying he isn't well known enough to sell a megafight is "belittled"? It's a fact.

AZ Combat Sports site profile image  

8/10/12 11:28 PM by AZ Combat Sports

but he is right. i think the kid deserves a shot.

AZ Combat Sports site profile image  

8/10/12 8:52 PM by AZ Combat Sports

Hermans face courtesy of ACS own Cliff " the big cat " Starks

Lazer MMA site profile image  

8/10/12 8:21 PM by Lazer MMA

GSP is a WWEvens has never fought MW EVER (said he'd only fight MW)The guy who beat a top five and number 6 MW is out in the cold.The guy is also belittled by AS's management team. Which is BS.

orcus site profile image  

8/10/12 6:27 PM by orcus

One of the funniest things about all this is how Chris Weidman, by virtue of KOing the iron-chinned, p4p great Mark Munoz, has overnight become a better, more dangerous fighter than both GSP and Rashad Evans, both of whom Anderson's management have said they would like to fight instead of Chris.

orcus site profile image  

8/10/12 5:26 PM by orcus

"Andy vs JBJ would be huge as well. "True. Maybe Anderson is more confident of beating GSP than Jones is of beating Anderson? Or maybe it's just that Jones isn't yet at the point where all he cares about are the big ticket fights, since he hasn't established a legacy yet?"i don't know what occam's razor is, sorry. "It's a principle that says if there are multiple theories, go with the one that requires the fewest assumptions. In other words, if Jones says he doesn't want to fight Anderson, there's no need to start speculating -- based on nothing -- that he is lying and is choosing in this one instance to bend over backwards to appear respectful. It's safest to assume that, for whatever reason, Anderson is not on his list of guys he wants to fight.

UGCTT_LnPninja site profile image  

8/10/12 5:20 PM by UGCTT_LnPninja

  Can you please explain, in your opinion of course, what it is that makes Anderson "not close" in overall size to GSP? I am truly curious, given taht you seem to understand how close the weight is between them. 192/3 vs 198 77.5" wingspan vs 76" Both of those are very close, and all that is left is Height. 6'2" vs 5'10". If that one dimension is what makes them "not close" in overall size, how do you feel about: 198 vs 224 77.5" vs 84.5" 6'2" vs 6'4" Would you say that Bones and Anderson are even farther apart in overall size, or that being closer in height is the be all end all that makes fighters closer or farther, despite the weight and reach??? Just looking for a complete and honest answer as to how you feel about the comparisons between them. I know you hate that I talk about it all the time, but I cannot remember ever seeing you give a full in-depth break down of what you feel about it. 

UGCTT_Suess site profile image  

8/10/12 4:59 PM by UGCTT_Suess

Andy vs JBJ would be huge as well.  Andy and GSP may be close in weight, but not overall size. I think that was the reason Jones wanted the fight at first.  after hearing Andy say he didn't want it over and over, i believe that's when he changed his mind and said he wouldn't fight Andy.  - i may be off on this as well, but this was the impression i have in my mind.  sorry no sources to be given. i don't know what occam's razor is, sorry.  

Lazer MMA site profile image  

8/10/12 4:52 PM by Lazer MMA

Well AS had called him a friend real quick too and he is the larger fighter as well. No doubt if push came to shove JBJ tales the fight and AS does not.But you point out a good point, if JBJ looks up to AS a lot it could be a big negative for JBJ if they fought, ala GSP vs Hughes 1.