Guillard: Why aren't more guys stepping up?


"I'm sitting here, today, getting ready to fight my best friend because maybe thee or four other guys didn't take the fight," Guillard said. "This fight has been planned long before my last fight on July 7. They already had these fights already matched up. So for me to be fighting a month later, that means some guys didn't step up to the plate and do their job."

"When I was offered this fight, the first thing I thought was, 'I guess there must have been some other people who said no to this fight,'" Guillard said. "Quite frankly, I was right about that. There was about three people who turned it down.

"For the media and the UFC to know how the division is so stacked, why aren't more guys stepping up? That's my question."

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Motivated Penn site profile image  

8/9/12 10:14 PM by Motivated Penn

Still shocked Nate Diaz had Cerrone's number in such a way. Cerrone seemed unstoppable to me, after Oliveira & Siver.Incidentally, these 4 guys are among my top favorite fighters :D

surfing site profile image  

8/9/12 9:59 PM by surfing

i totally agree.......i may have misread things.i thought it was melvin who was wondering why no one would fight him.....

caposa site profile image  

8/9/12 9:52 PM by caposa

Cerrone was never WEC champ, but I think a win over him would be huge right now for Melvin. Looking forward to this fight.

Fabes site profile image  

8/9/12 9:51 PM by Fabes


THP site profile image  

8/9/12 9:47 PM by THP

Deep division and people aren't stepping up. Fans gotta give props to people like Guillard and Varner for doing what other people aren't.

Fabes site profile image  

8/9/12 9:45 PM by Fabes

Yeah beating Cerrone is a big deal. He's a bad dude.I'd love to know who turned it down. Should be fight of the night.

kanodogg2 site profile image  

8/9/12 9:40 PM by kanodogg2

win over cerrone has value I think, he's a former wec champ plus his ufc run has been great

surfing site profile image  

8/9/12 9:25 PM by surfing

no one wanted it b/c it wouldn't get them anywhere? maybe??

Auzzie site profile image  

8/9/12 9:16 PM by Auzzie

Look at all the fights Melvin has had. He is still explosive and dangerous as hell

Ant124m site profile image  

8/9/12 9:10 PM by Ant124m

Melvin shouldn't be worried about others steppin up. He should be worried about steppin up his own game after losing 2 of his last 3.