Burglars attempt break in at BTT Texas, during training

source: ksat.com

San Antonio police arrested Karl Rogers, 21, and Adrian Sanchez, 22, in connection with an attempted burglary at BTT Texas in San Antonio, TX.

Investigators said Rogers broke into the gym through a garage door during the overnight hours, but was confronted by MMA fighters who were still inside training.

"We're just kind of sitting down, drinking water, talking about what's going on, and we start to hear pounding on this door," said Caleb Murphee, MMA fighter.

Murphee said he and another fighter grabbed some weights to throw at the would-be burglar, but Rogers fled when he saw the fighters.

Officers arrived and found a getaway driver, later identified as Sanchez, trying to hide in the parking lot behind a shopping center.

The officer scaled a fence and found Rogers rounding a corner, carrying a hatchet.

The officer convinced Rogers to drop the weapon and took him into custody along with Sanchez, police investigators said.

Murphee said he's glad no one was hurt, but felt confident he could defend himself. "If he would have tried to rough me up or something, yeah, I definitely would have defended myself. I feel confident I would have come out on top," Murphee said.

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Soup Nazi site profile image  

8/20/12 5:19 AM by Soup Nazi


tripped_on_a_left_hook site profile image  

8/20/12 2:15 AM by tripped_on_a_left_hook

 Not everybody works 9-5 schedules, the coach also trains at irregular hours due to sleep problems. 

RobinHood site profile image  

8/17/12 10:00 AM by RobinHood

Rolling at 3am! Must be mat battle.

3rdLion site profile image  

8/17/12 9:41 AM by 3rdLion

Training at 3am is some dedication.

TARRat site profile image  

8/17/12 9:30 AM by TARRat

Oh, shit - just saw MagSlim made that same comment.Oops.That's both what I'm saying now, and what the burglars said that night/morning.

TARRat site profile image  

8/17/12 9:28 AM by TARRat

They were probably looking for painkillers and/or some other sort of drug. Cash, too, if on hand.Or, maybe they're UG trolls, and wanted just to take pics to show that they trane UFC.

sweepnchoke site profile image  

8/17/12 7:21 AM by sweepnchoke

Typical UG News, day late & a dollar short.I posted this thread over a day ago, and even then I was concerned there would have already been a thread about it.Burglars break into BTThttp://www.mixedmartialarts.com/mma.cfm?go=forum_framed.posts&thread=2045341

john joe site profile image  

8/17/12 7:04 AM by john joe

were they training at 3am? Good job two guys were in the gym at that time but thats a crazy late training slot!

inf0 site profile image  

8/17/12 2:58 AM by inf0

  robbers could have weapons, and in this case they did.. I'd say he was pretty fucking smart.

ABE FROMAN site profile image  

8/17/12 2:56 AM by ABE FROMAN

You train MMA but pick up weights to pummel someone? I guess that solves the weight training against MMA problem.