Ian McCall arrested for past warrants, in jail for 30 days

source: cagejunkies.com

UFC flyweight contender and beloved UGer Ian "Uncle Creepy" McCall has made no secret of his previous drug addiction, its attendant brushes with the law, and the role MMA has played in bringing him into sobriety and success.

Unfortunately, repercussions from the past caught up with him this week, according to STU News Laguna.

Undercover Laguna Beach detectives and DEA agents were in Irvine this past Tuesday morning working on an investigation when they observed a man they recognized. A warrant check revealed that he was wanted.

Ian Gregory McCall, 28, Irvine was arrested without incident for two Harbor Court warrants for possession of narcotic paraphernalia, possession of prescription meds without a valid prescription, and driving on a suspended license.  The warrants had a total bail of $16,500.

Police said the investigation there is ongoing and said only that McCall’s residence is within the area they were watching.

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A report by CageJunkies clarified several points.

As originally reported by StuNewsLaguna, undercover Laguna Beach detectives and DEA agents were in Irvine, CA this past Tuesday morning working on an investigation when they observed a man they recognized, a man that turned out to be UFC flyweight Ian “Uncle Creepy” McCall. Once a warrant check revealed that McCall was wanted he was arrested without incident for a Harbor Court warrant for driving on a suspended license.

CageJunkies has learned that this arrest triggered a violation of McCall’s probation stemming from a 2008 conviction for possession of a controlled substance without a prescription and unauthorized possession of a hypodermic needle.

McCall has been moved from the Intake Release Center to the Central Men’s Jail. The Men’s Central Jail is a traditional style cell block and dormitory jail facility which houses both sentenced and pre-trial maximum security inmates.

McCall has retained local attorney George Vargas and has a formal probation violation hearing scheduled for September 13th at 8:30am. McCall is currently being held at the Intake Release Center, without bail, until he is moved to another jail.  According to Ariel Helwani of MMAFighting.com, he will remain in jail until that time.

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 McCall’s attorney has issued a formal statement:

“Ian’s license had been suspended for unpaid traffic and parking tickets. The very next day, on June 15th, Ian went to the Harbor Justice Center with his agent, and paid over $2,600 in fines. He, mistakenly, thought that the ticket from the previous day had been handled. A few weeks later, when the court date for that case came, Ian did not show, and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

“On August 14th, once again, Ian was stopped while driving home from the gym. At that time he was arrested for the two warrants, one for not completing the 20 days of Cal Trans work (hard labor) for [a 2008 arrest on possession of prescription drugs without a prescription and paraphernalia], and the other for not showing up to court on the driving on a suspended license ticket that he had thought that he had handled.”

Given the heights McCall has achieved already, and the depths from which he hoisted himself, there is every reason to believe that the incident is barely a bump in the road.


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8/27/12 6:40 PM by UGCTT_BlahBreh

^ exactly lol i dont even wanna quote em back.lets look at ians last fights, he finished Montague for the belt, he was seconds away from finshing Demetrius johnson in an exciting fight, he finished Coty wheeler he went to a decision with dominick cruz after fracturing his shin in the first round, i mean what have you done? besides promote less than bush league fights? It's you thats gonna be bagging ians groceries after his next few fights. Douche bag.

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You sir, are retarded. No source needed.

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 would be great if it wasnt for that herpes finger  other than that, this thread is pretty good.  those pics seem extremely HD for something like that though, so either she has a really good camera/phone and  using perfect lighting...or you're snatching these pics from some random site that we will never find. 

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The Grand Dragon makes a valid point here

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"like 4 guys".. it is a figure of speach .. bitch!! haven't promoted for a long time and do not care to. Me calling you a bitch isn't a figure of speach. That is a fact. Here is another fact: you ignored ever having fought and/or won in the cage yourself. You are a fan... he will have a short little career (get it) then you will jock another fighter. Ian has zero knock out power.. can't finish anyone above tomato can status.. He wrestles and is good at not getting caught and staying out of bad situations (in the cage..lol).. He is a little athletic guy with good grappling and cardio... Mark my words.. he will be baggin groceries and laying on top of local fighters for three rounds, in 6 months time.

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You are an idiot and wow at your big names :¦). That's an uncle creepy smile for u

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8/23/12 10:02 PM by Haulport

My God. Ian fucked up. That's it. His "record" is full of traffic violations (I looked at every charge), a fight and drug bullshit. This thing was just fucking dumb. This is not WarMachine acting like a VIOLENT PSYCHO, beating the dogshit out of people who randomly piss him off and then saying it's ok because he's an Alpha Male and everyone else is a pussy because they don't want to fight in the streets with a pro.

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This is very true.