Strikeforce: Rousey vs. Kaufman - The Gifs

source: Bloody Elbow

Miesha Tate face kicked by Julie Kedzie, and the follow up. But who ever east cupcakes last, wins.


Adlan Amagov warming up... for a sidekick to the knee?


Ref Mike Beltran's mustache makes Don Frye's look like a model's eyebrow.


If it walks like a crocodile, and it chomps like a crocodile, it's a Jacare.


 The champ is here



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roguePND/KatyPerrysBoobs/ILoveCats/80cent site profile image  

9/19/12 11:33 PM by roguePND/KatyPerrysBoobs/ILoveCats/80cent


stonepony site profile image  

8/20/12 4:03 PM by stonepony

Crooklyn site profile image  

8/20/12 11:37 AM by Crooklyn

Zombie made those .gifs for Bloody Elbow. The least you guys could do is link back to us for them. 

Cyril Jeff site profile image  

8/20/12 11:23 AM by Cyril Jeff

  Zombie Prophet DELIVERED on the gifs, wow.

HoudiniMac site profile image  

8/20/12 10:28 AM by HoudiniMac

my friend has his back to the cook KO and said he heard the punch, hes didnt realize it was the guy hitting the floor he heard, it just reminded me of that zombie movie where hes shoots the dudes head off and the brit looks over and says "he bounced"

CDarwin site profile image  

8/20/12 6:00 AM by CDarwin

What about the knee kick and stoppage? I searched the UG but can't find it.Please??? (I didn't see the prelims.)

MrMadness site profile image  

8/20/12 4:22 AM by MrMadness

i'd be pissed if I got KO'ed and the ref's huge moustache is draped over my face and in my mouth or eyes as he calls the fight. Great night of fights. Great gifs. Can you imagine a wardrobe malfunction with Tate combined with a headkick KO? There'd be a supernova in the cage.

Bromovich site profile image  

8/19/12 4:58 PM by Bromovich


California site profile image  

8/19/12 4:12 PM by California

thanks. cool gifs. any more?

DojoJay site profile image  

8/19/12 1:14 PM by DojoJay

 Somebody needs to post some stuff from the Green-Ricehouse 'bout. That was the most exciting, competitve match of the night next to Miesha and Julie.