Gustafsson: I will knock Shogun out in the 2nd


"When it's time, I will be more than ready to fight him. Shogun is a very tricky fighter, he has a good double-leg, really good striking, I have to be prepared for everything.

His biggest strength is his heart, as a fighter. It's gonna be a tough fight, for sure. I will knock him out in the second round."

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8/24/12 4:37 AM by Print

lol nice posts thiaguy

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8/24/12 4:35 AM by Print

imo Vera and Machida showed what happens when your gameplan is to strike with Shogun. He just come forward all day, looking for any opening you give him, whether its to take you down or to knock your head off. I don't see how Gustafsson keeps rua away from him for 15 minutes without taking significant damageI like Gus and I'm not saying he won't present a challenge, he'll still have a bright future in the UFC People are jumping the gun when they act like the Mauler is a nightmare match up for him, Shogun is basically better in every aspect of mma

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8/24/12 4:11 AM by Thiaguy

Doubt Shogun would allow it to become a "technical kickboxing match"Shogun is going to be trying to turn this into a dog FIGHT.Shogun excels there. We haven't seen Gustafsson show that he canHere is what's very important thoughGustafsson doesn't have Jones wrestling nor Jones ground game to truly threaten ShogunSo Shogun will be coming forward with confidence all day while looking to take Gustafsson's head off his shoulders.Shogun has BIG legit KO power. Shogun can end the fight at any time. Don't forget thatAnd EVEN if Gustafsson where to start winning the stand up comfortably ectShogun will take him down where he will have a big advantage on the ground over GustafssonIf Shogun puts together a complete performace, lke he did against Vera, but fixes his cardio, then he runs over Gustafsson IMOGustafsson's best bet is to out point Shogun, but even then he runs the risk every time he gets within Shogun's range of attack ect

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8/24/12 3:57 AM by ChaosOverkill

Gusto wins a technical kickboxing showdown in a close on

Thiaguy site profile image  

8/24/12 3:51 AM by Thiaguy

What is it with all this angry home erotic talk from you?Are you venting some supressed sexual frustrations?There's something wrong with you! You have issues.You are one lost and confused angry little man.By the way,Shogun took Forrest down at will with only one functional knee!Shows how much you know!Like I have already said, DELUSIONAL Shogun HATERS LIKE YOU ARE THE WORST OF THE WORST!You are living in your own little fantasy world.The very least you could do is give Shogun his due credit.But you aren't even sane/funtional enough of a human being to do that !I'm pretty sure you aren't even wanted on the OG either!Haven't you realised that you are the only one in this thread saying Gustafsson is going to brutally Shogun?Get a clue!You are a hater! You are pathetic

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8/24/12 3:50 AM by Thiaguy


DonaldCerroneTheGuyNateDiazBeat site profile image  

8/21/12 7:10 PM by DonaldCerroneTheGuyNateDiazBeat

You don't want me? You don't say? Listen, dumbfuck I'll speak to you again on the 9th. You can elaborate as to how great Shogun is with your lacking vocabulary and retardese, but it's not gonna' change the beating Shogun is going to receive come the 8th.Listen, bud its not a troll,I don't hate Shogun...I hate fanboys like you. Beat off to his highlight vids, jizz allowed your posters - go to town man, go to town. Just next time take a step back and literally fuck your own face. The UG sucks cause of ball lickers like you.Toodaloo - I'll be sure to ttt this on the 9th(lol, at Rashad getting taken down by Shogun - he couldn't take down Forrest. )

clayclamitia site profile image  

8/21/12 7:00 PM by clayclamitia

I think Shogun comes out shooting for the TD and will take the decision since it is only 3 rounds. Shoguns wrestling has gotten pretty good and i think he will look at what Phil Davis did and try and smother Gus.

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8/21/12 6:50 PM by Jetster

Holy shit dude that was a nice knowledgable breakdown of Rua! I mean he is a fucking legend and people still think he was a brawler with a bit of skill! Lmao

Thiaguy site profile image  

8/21/12 5:50 PM by Thiaguy

Keyword: "SOME" of the best! He never said THE best You are part of the problem why the UG has gone down hill.Its hilarious how you see it the other way around. Go take yourself to the OG! We don't want youLook, Shogun's takedowns aren't always pretty, but they are highly effective and have gotten the job done against some of the best.Vera was highly regarded for his Greco Women wrestling.Randy couldn't take Vera down ect. People were saying how Vera has awesome take down defense ectDidn't matter, Shogun took Vera down at will with nearly every conventional kind of takedown you can think of.Hit that beautiful double leg on Vera. Took him down with a single leg. Took him down with a trip ectShogun even dominated Vera in the clinch, Vera's speciality.Shogun has basically taken down every opponent he's fought, besides Machida and Jones.Keep in mind, Shogun arguably has fought the toughest strength of schedule in the sport.Shogun's takedowns, clinch game, and over-all grappling abilities are phenomenal. Definitely are SOME of the best at 205 (of course excluding Jones)p.s I bet you everything that Shogun would be able to put Rashad on his back and pound him outShogun's grappling (including takedowns) are very UNDER RATED. Hes very technically sound Jones is the only guy to systematically dominate Shogun via grappling,and he did it with brute strength and size + elbows If Shogun were closer in size to Jones, then his technically sound grappling would have made an impact on Jones