Mike Cies makes case for Rousey vs. Cybrog at 145

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Lets not forget Rousey was 154 in Olympics, 145 in MMA, then when she found out she had to fight Cyborg dropped to 135. Meanwhile, Cyborg has always been 145.

Just read this post on facebook and I 100% agree with it.

"Ronda Rousey, you changed weight classes for easier fights, now your slamming Cristiane Cyborg because she wont drop to a weight class she never fought in??? Thats bullshit. Go up Ronda, or dont even mention her name, cuz she proved herself already"

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mijo site profile image  

9/4/12 7:39 PM by mijo

Rousey is scared! Cyborg presents too many problems for her! I would stay at 135lbs as well!

ValeTudo 1 site profile image  

9/4/12 6:40 PM by ValeTudo 1

Like I said fatboy you probably haven't trained and you don't have to call me idiot you wimp thick shit. Yes I know chael was caught with high testosterone and he was at 185 where he dropped from 205 idiot noob you most likely were not watching mma when chael fought babalu. So if he dropped weight from 205 to 185 (20lb difference dummy) and was caught with unnatural levels of high testo (obviously doping) then surely cyborg could do it too cutting weight has nothing to do with steroids its if your body can handle it or not you can have lean muscle and there is no way in hell if a juiced fighter stopped taking steds then they will begin losing muscle mass only a thick nerd idiot or a kid would believe that crap (you are surely one of the 2 or maybe both). I know guys who only used steds once to put on muscle for a course and they gained it quick and stopped and never used it again it is way easier to maintain muscle mass than gain it, you obviously don't know that so stop talking like you do fat noob

BaraoKix site profile image  

8/23/12 11:12 PM by BaraoKix

^ LOL If OP was the LHW champ (lol), there is a 0% chance he would move up to face the HW champ, after defending the belt once, just because he fought @ HW before. 0% all around

Brian Demuro site profile image  

8/23/12 11:07 PM by Brian Demuro

http://www.mixedmartialarts.com/news/286556/Ciesnolevicz-calls-out-Pat-Militechs-old-ass/Sooooo...you as a former heavyweight can call out a 155'er and meet him at 185, even though the highest he ever fought was 170, but Cyborg cant drop 10lbs off of steroids??? Give me a break!

rhoadspga site profile image  

8/23/12 3:59 PM by rhoadspga

You're like an idiot savant without even a tiny bit of the savant. You defeated your own stupid argument!! Chael had high testosterone levels, he WASN'T popped for roids!!! You obviously don't know the difference between the 2!! You're trying to make a chess argument but you only have a checkerboard brain.

Jweinberg site profile image  

8/23/12 11:38 AM by Jweinberg

  this argument makes no sense. Hello?, Cyborg was busted for steroids and god knows how long she has been on the stuff.  Her face and body have been completely altered.  She has become half man fighting women.  Some of these comparisons are so stupid because they are not even close to being the same. This is a very unique situation.  And I find it very disrespectful for a pro fighter to question an Olympic Bronze medalists' intentions or even talking smack.  To get to that level you couldn't even fathom the balls or hardwork or dedication- so please use some logic before posting anymore nonsense. And again, if this is a troll job.. you get a 10/10! Congrats

ufc98newb site profile image  

8/23/12 10:58 AM by ufc98newb

I don't think rousey needs to go up to 145 to fight a proven cheater, but she should't be calling out 145 fighters to move down, UNDER NORMAL CIRCUMSTANCES, either. thing is, she was called out by cyborg first, so she had to say something. basically saying "if you wanna fight me, come down".....cyborg asked for it, imo

Cyril Jeff site profile image  

8/23/12 10:46 AM by Cyril Jeff

  love Ronda, but this imo.

markiz site profile image  

8/23/12 10:26 AM by markiz

It would be ridiculous for a champion that has a line of legit contenders in his own weight, but since women's mma is as shallow as Ronda's bra it's a natural move to make that fight.

Carlos ConDOit site profile image  

8/23/12 10:15 AM by Carlos ConDOit

The champ doesnt chase opponents. If cyborg wants the fight she can make the weight. If not so be it.