Dana White: Greg Jackson is a f---in sport killer

by Chris Palmquist | source: The Underground

Today at a special press conference, UFC President Dana White announced that Jon Jones refused to fight a replacement offer of Chael Sonnen for his title fight at the advice of his coach, Greg Jackson.

Although not verbatim, White was not at a loss for words, when revealing that Jackson played a big part in the decision, telling Jones it would be the worst mistake of his career:

Greg Jackson is a f--king sport killer. We've never had a fighter refuse to fight a guy. It's never happened.

I don't give a f--- what Greg Jackson thinks. I'm very confused by Greg Jackson. The guy's a wierdo. Greg Jackson should never be interviewed by anybody ever again except from a psychiatrist.


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Chuck Kongo site profile image  

8/23/12 6:25 PM by Chuck Kongo

Well, Greg Jackson's philosophy has always been to just win, baby by not fighting.Jones took the not fighting part literally....

Chappie site profile image  

8/23/12 6:23 PM by Chappie

I love the way that a 43 year old megalomaniac with the impulse control of a 5 year old (Dana) would attack a guy with an IQ 40 points higher than his own and recommend that that individual should see a psychiatrist all for simply acting in the best interest of his fighter and not cowering down to the will of the mighty Dana.

2mmafreaks site profile image  

8/23/12 4:46 PM by 2mmafreaks

Keep watering down the cards and having only one great fight and this will happen again

KZTT_W85 site profile image  

8/23/12 4:42 PM by KZTT_W85


Argo site profile image  

8/23/12 4:35 PM by Argo

Oh ... and let's not forget that Jones is fighting just 3 weeks later against a guy who actually earned a title shot and 152 is now a "spending money" worthy PPV.

Argo site profile image  

8/23/12 4:33 PM by Argo

Not taking the fight is 100% on Jones. Jackson could tell him not to take it and others probably told him to take it. It still always comes down to who signs the contract.<br /><br />The difference here is .... Dana wants to deflect blame partially away from his money making Jones. (who Dana will forgive later .. hell look at Overeem for cripes sake)<br /><br />Dana knows that Jackson does not have nuthuggers and is an easy prey in this climate.<br /><br />Having such a weak card that this causes a cancellation? 100% the UFC's fault.

Nick Fury site profile image  

8/23/12 3:46 PM by Nick Fury

Dana is finally taking my advice. hehe

Tolstolobic site profile image  

8/23/12 3:45 PM by Tolstolobic

Jackson=bones's mama

Attila site profile image  

8/23/12 3:23 PM by Attila

Jones is an adult and is perfectly capable of rejecting bad advice from his coach. He's selfish AND a bad businessman IMO.

DontBeScaredGomi site profile image  

8/23/12 3:19 PM by DontBeScaredGomi

 for ^