'Shogun' Rua also turned down offer to fight Jones

source: twitter.com

Indeed, Lyoto Machida was initially offered the title shot he earned by knocking out Ryan Bader at UFC on Fox 4 this past Aug. 4 in Los Angeles. But he turned it down for reasons that are still unclear.

Now we know Mauricio Rua did the same.

That's according to Lance Pugmire of the LA Times who was informed by Lorenzo Fertitta himself:

@lorenzofertitta tells me Shogun Rua also turned down shot at Jones to set up Belfort as Sept. 22 opponent. ... Fertitta says, "Thank god Belfort is from the same generation as LIDDELL, Hughes, etc. REAL fighter!"

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dummythrust site profile image  

8/25/12 12:51 AM by dummythrust

i was quoting something someone else said, hence the quotation marks bro.I don't think shogun was ever in a fixed fight in pride which is why you saying..."Magically, coincidentally, all of these Pride superstars were suddenly declared to be old the moment they started facing competition in the west. Big coincidence. Huuuuuge coincidence. Giant massive coincidence."...is really sillyshogun became the lhw champion

stonepony site profile image  

8/25/12 12:27 AM by stonepony

Go back to gradeschool and learn to read idiot. Who said all Pride fights were fixed? See how reading will help you not look like a complete retard next time?Many fighters have come forward and talked about fights being worked. Does that mean all Pride fights were fixed? No. If there is a toddler near by, ask them to explain it to you.

Thiaguy site profile image  

8/25/12 12:22 AM by Thiaguy

Honestly, I'm surprised you agree

dummythrust site profile image  

8/25/12 12:17 AM by dummythrust

"Stonepony is the same ignorant, new, UFC fantard who thinks all PRIDE fight were fixed too lmao"haha, yep. you can always tell from the way they regurgitate the lies as if it's a script. also probably an ex-wwe fan

SteelyRes211 site profile image  

8/25/12 12:15 AM by SteelyRes211

Apparently, Lorenzo also seems to have forgotten that Shogun had an appendectomy in the middle of his camp for Machida 2 and still showed up to not only fight, but take the belt.LIKE A FUCKING BOSS! SHOGUN FAN FOR LIFE!

AGC IV site profile image  

8/24/12 11:51 PM by AGC IV

Zuffa treats most of their fighters like shit. Its always what have u done for me lately? Only care about money

AGC IV site profile image  

8/24/12 11:48 PM by AGC IV

This it completely makes since that they turned down a title shot with only a month to prepare for an absolute monster who already beat them.

AGC IV site profile image  

8/24/12 11:45 PM by AGC IV

Good stuff but paragraphs please

Thiaguy site profile image  

8/24/12 11:28 PM by Thiaguy

There is no way the fight would have been even remotely plausible lolShogun just fought ectShogun is on that little cool down period every fighter has before they start ramping up hard for a fight.Shogun hasn't even been medically cleared to spar yet!For him to get cleared ON THE DAY OF the fight, that would mean he would have ZERO training for the actual fight.Shogun can't just walk in there the day of the fight, get medically cleared, and fight LOLThat is completely ridiculous. No hard feelings bro. Just telling it like it is:)

CHILLITACO site profile image  

8/24/12 11:16 PM by CHILLITACO

  Whilst I agree it does still smell murky, he would have been cleared to fight by the 22nd of Sept card date. So it could still be plausable.