Sonnen: Vitor Belfort is a stud when he believes in himself

by Adam Guillen Jr. | source:

Enter Vitor Belfort.

The former light heavyweight champion turned middleweight, accepted the last minute bout against Jones, which will headline UFC 152 on Sept. 22 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In doing so, "The Phenom" has a chance to shock the MMA world by taking down one of the most dominant champions in UFC history.

Can he accomplish the task at hand?

"Vitor is a stud when he believes in himself," said Sonnen to when asked what he thought the chances were the 185-pound striker could take down the 205-pound champion in Toronto.

While Sonnen believes Vitor can be a "stud," the oddsmakers don't have the same faith in "The Phenom," who currently sits as a 13-1 underdog. Should Vitor be able to pull off the victory against "Bones," it will be the first time he will have UFC gold around his waist since losing his 205-pound title to Randy Couture at UFC 149 way back in 2004.

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Dirty_Boxer site profile image  

8/27/12 1:22 PM by Dirty_Boxer

^_^ Big difference from before with how he can't hold Belfort accountable for what he says because Belfort is a fool.

Fabefromfort site profile image  

8/27/12 1:25 AM by Fabefromfort

Vitor is in some deep kaka here, but, you never know with Vitor. I think if he and Hendo, or anyone lands right, Vitor has bigger KO power, which he posseses in both hands. Much bigger. He can be lethal. Not many can finish better. He becomes a whirlwind if you are hurt, and, he can stop that whirlwind to submit you, on a dime. He has to take the chance and get inside Jones' perimeter, just like Peter Aerts did to beat Semmy Schilt, who in K1 was dominating everyone cuz of his 6 foot 11 stature, and knees. Once inside that perimeter he will be outside Jones power range, and he has to let loose the cannons. Of course, then he is in Jones Elbow range, so he has to be careful, and, expect that, but get there and let fly. KO, or be KO'ed. Maybe get it to the ground, once in awhile to see what you can do, but, he has to use his speed of foot, and quickness, and make his handspeed the thing that decides this. Belfort has spent a lot of his career buggering up fights, coming in out of shape, or something outside the ring bothering him, even before his Sister got kidnapped. He has to be all-in on this baby. In the first super fight with Leonard against Duran, the Brawl For it All, the build-up was enormous. Very much like the Fight of the century ( Ali_Frazier ). A clash of titans like Jones-Silva could have been... epic in scale. One for the Cosmos, never to be duplicated. Leonard recollected he couldn't deal with the buildup, the hype, the legend of Roberto Duran, and it got to him.He was too young. He threw out his gameplan much to the chagrin of Angelo Dundee, his trainer, and head corner-man, and as soon as the leather started flying he stood in the pocket and slugged with Mega-Slugger Duran. Instead of sticking and moving, and boxing...he slugged it out, and Lost. Point being lets see how Jones stands up to the Hype which will be considerable. When pressure of that sort gets going, shit happens. 50,000 strong will the fans be. If they're mostly anti Jones, and Canadian fans are far and away the most knowledgeable fight fans on the globe and most boisterous, it will be a scene. Don't forget there is a high percentage of Canadian fans at every single UFC fight. Right from fight one. One way or the other it will be a fight. This ain't no 13-1 odds fight.

thisisnotphilip site profile image  

8/26/12 7:50 PM by thisisnotphilip

although i believe most of th ethings bigdee said are true concerning vitor's skills and where they put him toolset-wise, i am not sure how this will play out for vitor when i reconsider his fight with rumble. imho dat shit was close as fuck and we are talking rumble here. jones is like rumble^10. well, we'll see.

allforroy site profile image  

8/26/12 4:11 AM by allforroy

Plus...he's got nothing to lose. He's been in the gym, no big cut to 185, faster hands than anybody Jones has fought, and will have the crowd behind him. Enough to beat Jones? We'll see.

bigdee1983420 site profile image  

8/26/12 3:03 AM by bigdee1983420

Nobody should use the Anderson frontkick as a reason to doubt Vitor Belfort's skills/abilities. There is something different about Vitor every since he went to 185. People seem to forget that during the Couture,Tito fight years. Hes sister was kidnapped,and never found,thats a huge deal to an individual. I think that took him along time to get over that(It would effect anybody mentality). Since he went to Extreme Couture,and Now BlackZillians Vitor has a totally different focus/mindset. If you look at his skills alone,he has all the tools in his arsenal to beat anybody in the world. Fast,Explosive,Accurate Hands that are Dynamite if they connect. His Boxing technique has gotten better over the years,he also adapts Karate technique into his style(stance/footwork/elusive/punches),and Muay Thai. Training at BlackZillians with Overeem,and his striking coach's. Will make Vitor that much more lethal with his striking attack. Vitor has awesome Jujitsu when he gets to use it in his fights. He was showing some good control,and fast jujitsu/triangles in the Anthony Johnson fight. Vitor also has good wrestling ala Liddell etc.. fights. Hes improved his takedown defense as well. I have no idea why people always see a fighter lose(and lose to the best/Anderson),and assume hes not at the elite level. Vitor's only lost 1 fight in 5 fights,he still is in the elite IMO. Vitor can make great trouble for Bones striking,Bones needs to get this down. Vitor want stand directly infront of Bones. I see him using his footwork,and aggressively countering Bones ala Machida. WAR VITOR BELFORT!!!

LBH_RN site profile image  

8/26/12 2:59 AM by LBH_RN

This analogy only works with kids whose teams get destroyed on the field. "Remember kiddo, you guys didn't lose, they just scored 40 more points than your team"I would love JJ to get crushed for what he's done/said, but this will not end well for Vitor, hence the 13-1 odds.

mijo site profile image  

8/25/12 10:38 PM by mijo

Vitor is a extraordinary athlete. His hands are still just as fast as anyones in the UFC, and I have only seen him submitted once by Alistar Overreem, who is very underrated on the ground. On paper I have Vitor with an edge in striking, and on the ground I have Jon Jones. I honestly do believe that Vitor has what it takes to beat Jon Jones. Chael Sonnen is 100% correct.

WhiskyJars site profile image  

8/25/12 10:30 PM by WhiskyJars

vitor is old school warrior . cant believe he is still around kicking ass ttt for vitor getting his world title back

paluka site profile image  

8/25/12 10:23 PM by paluka

Don't know if you are trolling or just that stupid. Silva has kicked many people in the head, and many fighters get kicked in the head that are considered legends. Henderson got kicked in the head, and even couture got hit by a crane kick. The statement that fighters don't get kicked in the head is the most ignorant I've read in a while.Belfort is nowhere near Silva's level. That is the reason he lost.this has to be a troll.

dchi07 site profile image  

8/25/12 10:03 PM by dchi07

He won a UFC tournament when he's was fucking 19 years old. He got in the cage with tank and ferrozzo when they were both considered monsters and ko'd them. To try and call vitor a coward, when he's spent half his life in the fight game, is a joke. Fuck you, you faggot.