UFC's Mendes facing battery charges for July bar fight

source: hartfordsentinel.com

Authorities say mixed martial arts fighter Chad Mendes has been charged with battery for his alleged involvement in a bar fight last month.

The Kings County District Attorney’s Office announced today that they would seek a battery charge against Mendes, which carries with it a possible $2,000 fine and up to six months in county jail.

Kings County Sheriff’s deputies say Mendes, a 27-year-old local native, sucker punched a man in the face at the Lacey Inn Bar on July 29. Leaving out the back door, he ran from law enforcement and managed to escape capture. But witnesses at the scene recognized the famous athlete.

“The victim felt lucky to walk out with just a contusion after being punched by Mendes,” Assistant Sheriff Dave Putnam said.

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jachkl site profile image  

8/26/12 7:15 PM by jachkl

what state did this happen in, and what is the definition of battery there? $2k fine, and 6 months in jail sounds pretty light for a max sentence on a battery.

Frank Gallagher site profile image  

8/26/12 2:35 PM by Frank Gallagher

While you do have a point I bet it would be closer than you think. A lot of shit gets swept under the rug in the bigger sports. I've personally seen it happen in mlb. But with every sport there is a go to story, baseball has steroids nfl has violence.

StruggleSnuggles site profile image  

8/26/12 2:20 PM by StruggleSnuggles

Take the amount of UFC fighters on the roster and give me a percentage for the past year and do it against another major sport I want to see a % to see which has actually been charged with more crimes.

aaronlynton site profile image  

8/26/12 2:08 PM by aaronlynton

Did he Beat up 30 people!

YonYones site profile image  

8/26/12 1:48 PM by YonYones

Sometimes these things happen in MMA

BrckNoHitBk site profile image  

8/26/12 12:47 PM by BrckNoHitBk

I know, you never see NBA, NFL or MLB players getting into trouble...

LittleJoeMama site profile image  

8/26/12 12:08 PM by LittleJoeMama

The fight game has always attracted ruffians. They get paid to hurt people, not exactly choir boys.

GayGuardMooseSaucy site profile image  

8/26/12 11:48 AM by GayGuardMooseSaucy

I'd like to see an even policy when UFC fighters are convicted of a crime. Creepy isn't getting cut it seems Falcao got cut Mendes will stay IMO Jones got nothingLeben got nothing Rumble got nothing

Daniel Carver site profile image  

8/26/12 11:05 AM by Daniel Carver

What is it with so many MMA fighters taking part in criminal activity?