Rampage and King mo 'squash the beef', then trash Chael Sonnen

source: mmaelite.net


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blacksamurai site profile image  

8/28/12 11:27 AM by blacksamurai

Rampage has been champ on one occasion and beat 6 former champs so id say he did alright for himself in MMA, but if he ever ever eva eva thought because he knocked out Chuck, and Wand he could be a title holder or top ten guy in boxing he is smoking crack! Way to flat footed he would get broken down by "real" boxers, and then finished period. If he cant deal with wrestlers needs to A: buy a gi train with top bjj guy if he hasn't burned to many bridges B: go on the sauce, and fight HW where the wrestlers are not as quick C: retire

blacksamurai site profile image  

8/28/12 11:14 AM by blacksamurai

"Yes men" train him just like BJ and i love BJ, but this is the case...

realyardman site profile image  

8/27/12 12:11 PM by realyardman

King mo is a well more qualified wrestler just that he got hot power so uses it but he can wrestle. Rampage got take down defense but do agree pride rampage much better because he was harder to prepare for. Would take you down and use nasty GNP

StratTone site profile image  

8/27/12 11:57 AM by StratTone

Oh crap............I understood the whole thing.........What does that mean about me? lol

nubp site profile image  

8/27/12 9:06 AM by nubp

UG blog strikes again

Cyril Jeff site profile image  

8/27/12 9:03 AM by Cyril Jeff

  didn't hear Mo "trash Chael Sonnen", not even once, in fact, it seemed he was sticking up for Chael.

Racer X site profile image  

8/27/12 12:23 AM by Racer X

 For those not old enough: The woman in the above video is Barbara Billingsley, who played June Cleaver in Leave It To Beaver, a family sit-com from the late fifties-early sixties. Is this still widely known, or am old as dirt?

Racer X site profile image  

8/27/12 12:19 AM by Racer X

For Tubuku01:  

LBH_RN site profile image  

8/26/12 11:58 PM by LBH_RN

Wheres James Toney to translate this jibber jabber?

stonepony site profile image  

8/26/12 10:23 PM by stonepony

Rampage would get his biggest payday ever against Chael. Yet he'd prefer to run and hide in a dead sport like boxing? If you can't wrestle, then you don't have the skillset to compete in MMA, and boxing would be the better option.Reality is that Chael would beat both of these guys.