Belcher: Weidman makes sense, Silva not so much


Chris Weidman, I think that fight makes sense. Do I think he's the number one contender? I don't know about that but I think he's definitely up there."

"I don't see a title shot even happening. Anderson Silva's at a point where he needs to be fighting Jon Jones, he needs to be fighting GSP. If I'm Anderson Silva's manager, that's what I'm telling him to do. Don't mess around with Alan Belcher or Chris Weidman there. I ain't even worried about that."

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REDRUM_NYC site profile image  

8/28/12 12:03 PM by REDRUM_NYC

 Only Weidman can defeat Anderson

OnlyTheStrongSurvive site profile image  

8/27/12 3:07 AM by OnlyTheStrongSurvive

I think Weidman owns him. Despite being one himself, Boestch struggles with wrestlers. Okami and Lombard outwrestled him. I know he'd picked up a couple good wins, but Im still not really convinced hes terribly talented.

BaraoKix site profile image  

8/27/12 2:14 AM by BaraoKix

You just had no idea who he was, its like that with most fans, until Rogan starts buttering them up. Or Goldie remarks about his "bad intentions"...

UGCTT_zackthewop site profile image  

8/27/12 2:06 AM by UGCTT_zackthewop

It's trueWins over ring, okami, grove, and LombardVs a guy withWins over sakara, lawlor, Munoz, and Maia.Both beat former #1 contenders (maia and okami) and both beat guys who were one shot away from a title shot (lombard and Munoz)IMO boetsch's two biggest wins were against better fighters than weidmans two best wins.Belchers last 4 wins were against Paul Harris, cote, macdonald, and gouveia. All good wins but not on boetsch and weidmans level yet.That should definitely be a #1 contender fight

MMAfanWA site profile image  

8/27/12 1:17 AM by MMAfanWA

lol Tim Boetsch :D

SomeoneToDoYourDirtyWork site profile image  

8/27/12 12:47 AM by SomeoneToDoYourDirtyWork

 I was NOT a Belcher fan when he first arrived in the th e UFC at all....but, his fighting style and humility shift really has made me a fan these days....he will fight anyone and is well rounded....

StrikeforceSupporter site profile image  

8/26/12 11:30 PM by StrikeforceSupporter

The clear top-contender fight at M.W. is Tim Boetsch vs Chris weidman, for sure.

AndersonSilvasMoney site profile image  

8/26/12 11:26 PM by AndersonSilvasMoney

Props to Belcher for seeing that the MW division is far from solidified. Give it another six months and we might have a clearer picture of what the top 5/10 looks like.

StrikeforceSupporter site profile image  

8/26/12 11:25 PM by StrikeforceSupporter

Fedor vs Anderson Silva at 205.