Schaub: My chin is fine, everyone hits hard at heavyweight

source: UFC Tonight

"I think it's good to control your own destiny. I just throw a name out there. He's had three fights in the UFC and two Knockouts of the Nights. His sole loss is to Struve. I think people are scared of him. I think it'd be a good fight. Lavar hits hard.

For me, yeah people say I have a weak chin, so this would solidify my place. But I fight at heavyweight. Everyone hits hard."

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StretchPlum site profile image  

8/30/12 1:55 AM by StretchPlum

Lavar's pretty robotic and slow, but Schaub will lose if he plays his game.

Nick Fury site profile image  

8/30/12 1:49 AM by Nick Fury


ChaosOverkill site profile image  

8/30/12 1:45 AM by ChaosOverkill


DaemonDragon site profile image  

8/30/12 1:41 AM by DaemonDragon

Schaub (or Schrub as supercalo calls him...) saying he doesn't have a weak chin would almost be like Lavar saying he doesn't have weak TDD. If you have even an average chin, you are not going to get KOed by freakin' Nog.I expect Schaub to shoot and shoot quickly here. If he doesn't, he's a moron who deserves the inevitable KO that would happen if he tries to stand with Lavar.The outcome of this fight depends on Schaub's ego, really. He can win easily if he wants. Or get brutally KOed and suffer possible brain damage. It's up to him.

spliff site profile image  

8/30/12 1:21 AM by spliff


UGCTT_Paul_Blanka_Harris site profile image  

8/30/12 1:05 AM by UGCTT_Paul_Blanka_Harris

 He has a point GUYS

mixedmartialmike site profile image  

8/30/12 12:45 AM by mixedmartialmike

If he saw Lavars last fight he won't even keep it standing to test his chin.I am hoping for the Johnson KO though.

Kung_Fu_Phatty site profile image  

8/30/12 12:39 AM by Kung_Fu_Phatty

My advice would be to only test this Theory long enough to time a shot.. Lavar isn't the best test subject for the durability of someone's chin..

WALLSTREET_WRESTLER site profile image