Sylvia vs. Arlovski ends in controvery at One FC

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They first time they fought, Andrei Arlovski tapped out Tim Sylvia with an ankle lock. Sylvia came back to avenge the loss, twice, the second time at the aptly title UFC 61: Bitter Rivals. The six years since did little to lessen the animosity between the two, and both the fans and the two fighters were looking forward to today's showdown at One FC: Pride of a Nation.

In the end though, rather than resolve the bad blood, as a fight often does, a controversial NC leaves both fighters wanting to meet again, perhaps at ONE FC 6 in October.

The fight opened with Arlovski throwing multiple overhand rights, a tactic he would go back to throughout the course of the bout. Sylvia, however, implemented a strategy of using his size to lean on Arlovski, muscle him into the clinch along the fence and wear the Belarussian down.

In the second round, Arlovski fired a right hand that dislodged Sylvia's mouthpiece. They eventually clinch in the center of the cage, but were ultimately separated by the referee. Moments later, Arlovski dropped Sylvia with two hard right hooks as well as a left. He then followed up with two soccer kicks, the second of which landed with authority.

At first it seemed the fight was over as referee Shimada waved the action off. However, the referee was signaling a temporary halt to the bout. By ONE FC rules, a referee has to signal an 'open attack' before soccer kicks are allowed. Because Shimada didn't indicate to Arlovski the 'open attack' was permitted, the bout was halted and Sylvia was given time to recover. Arlovski was given a yellow card warning by Shimada as a result.

During the fight's intermission, Sylvia told referee Shimada and ringside officials he couldn't properly see and wasn't able to fight. As a result, the bout was stopped and due to Arlovski's illegal kick, declared a no contest.

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BaraoKix site profile image  

9/2/12 8:22 PM by BaraoKix

A.A should have gotten the W Timmeh was done from the punches, stumbling around on all 4s like a drunk lab. The kicks just sealed the DQ, he was lucky to get kicked like that(if he suffers no permanent damage) Arlovski stamped his UFC/SF ticket "Declined", killing ANY future talk of it. Hes a decent fighter, but this is 2012. In no way, shape, or form- does he belong in the UFC...

Kid_dynamite319 site profile image  

9/2/12 8:10 PM by Kid_dynamite319

An evolve guy?

Brian Davis site profile image  

9/2/12 1:29 PM by Brian Davis

A legend? No... lol

hockey fighter site profile image  

9/2/12 1:22 PM by hockey fighter

 Tim Sylvia is still a pioneer and legend of the sport.  Give the guy a break he's trying to get paid and he needs the money.  PLUS it was an illegal kick and he WAS still rocked from it. Blame the org. and the rule maker because that was WELL played by Timmy and he just set up another fight for himself.

MachidasBrew 209TT site profile image  

9/2/12 12:44 PM by MachidasBrew 209TT


sloppy2nds site profile image  

9/2/12 10:33 AM by sloppy2nds

  I don't see how there can be any other way to look at this....

CODELMJVG site profile image  

9/2/12 4:12 AM by CODELMJVG

To be not to be finish or not be. Please fix that hiccup open attack rule. Totally ruins the flow of the finish. It would be no different if Andrei came with knee or punch obviously Tim wouldn't be able to defend as well total discriminating the kick.

Ray Elbe site profile image  

9/2/12 3:04 AM by Ray Elbe

He was fighting an evolve guy

the venerable dr wu site profile image  

9/2/12 1:32 AM by the venerable dr wu


Kid_dynamite319 site profile image  

9/1/12 11:21 PM by Kid_dynamite319

Is this the same promotion that Huerta go soccer kicked in? Because if so then these rules are inconsistent!