Big Nog: I'm 100% recovered


"My recovery is 100 percent. My physical therapist, we worked a lot, sometimes six, seven hours a day. I tried getting better for July but I got hurt again. I think it was too soon. I broke my bone in December and I started to train again at the end of March. I think it was too soon. Now, it's totally recovered and I started to train again in mid-July. I feel my arm is getting stronger, getting faster. I feel all my skills are getting better and I'm ready to go. I'm training every day, doing my strength and conditioning, little by little and I hope to fight soon. I'm just waiting on confirmation from the UFC."

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OnlyTheStrongSurvive site profile image  

9/12/12 6:00 PM by OnlyTheStrongSurvive

A couple people have said Nog vs Dave Herman will be on the card

Braziliant site profile image  

9/12/12 5:56 PM by Braziliant

Too bad Mir is fighting Corm. It would be sweet to have Big Nog return starting with redemption.

UGCTT_MexiCain AmeriCain site profile image  

9/12/12 2:38 PM by UGCTT_MexiCain AmeriCain

Nog vs Reem

HenryO site profile image  

9/12/12 2:31 PM by HenryO

Nog/Barnett 3, a UFC rematch that actually makes sense!

Tolstolobic site profile image  

9/12/12 1:10 PM by Tolstolobic

In before broken hand

minotauro11 site profile image  

9/12/12 1:09 PM by minotauro11

Great news! I can't wait to see him back in the cage. He may be an aging veteran, but I think he is still very dangerous, on the feet and (probably to a lesser extent at this point) on the ground. There are so many fights to make with him too, Kongo would be great, but honestly there aren't many heavyweights i wouldn't want to see him fight.

UGCTT_Fraser_Finlay site profile image  

9/12/12 1:07 PM by UGCTT_Fraser_Finlay

Not gonna lie, my room suddenly got a little dusty when he KO'd Schaub in Brazil...

deepu site profile image  

9/12/12 1:04 PM by deepu

Awesome! Nog has to be the most like fighter ever!

Swamuel McSwamuelson site profile image  

9/12/12 1:02 PM by Swamuel McSwamuelson

Big Nog vs Werdum, or bring back Arlovski.

crowbar site profile image  

9/12/12 1:02 PM by crowbar

Voted down for making it mandatory that we had to watch an advertisement first.