Jon Jones: Moving up the ranks


On August 9, 2008, no one knew much about Jon Jones. That was the day he graced the UFC Octagon for the first time against Andre Gusmao. Nicknamed "Bones", Jones was a former junior college national wrestling champion who began fighting professionally to take care of his family. Learn more about his journey moving up the ranks in this video.


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epic hero site profile image  

9/18/12 6:12 PM by epic hero

Well said bro!!

ranier wolfcastle site profile image  

9/18/12 6:02 PM by ranier wolfcastle

  yes it did land right on the back of bonnars head, and i think thats why it rocked him however, according to ref big john mccarthy, the "illegal" strike must be "aimed and excecuted" to the illegal target to be deemed an illegal strike.

SQUEEZIE site profile image  

9/18/12 3:37 PM by SQUEEZIE

his first fight in ufc was also on three weeks notice...still waiting for your point

SQUEEZIE site profile image  

9/18/12 3:35 PM by SQUEEZIE

learn the rules, understand the rules...and u could argue that there was only one or maybe two elbow strikes were illegal...a few of them landed forearm flat.ok resume the hate now. i get good laffs from it

TheBear228 site profile image  

9/18/12 9:26 AM by TheBear228

  And here's my 2 cents... Who cares what 50 years ago was like? Jon Jones in 2012 is compared to every other fighter in 2012. If some individuals can come across positively in this day and age, why can't he? I'm not sure what you mean by "unknown", but assuming you mean "checkered", well that usually applies to people that have a troubled backstory, a tragic flaw, some constant obstacle such as drugs, alcohol, abuse, an ill temper, etc. Jon Jones has none of these problems, it seems. He grew up in a loving family with multiple brothers who are also world class athletes. Jones does need to grow up. No arguments there. The reality of why people don't like him is not because of mistakes, it's because of his attitude. At this stage in his life, he has proven to be a prototypical hypocrite. He boasts about how good of a role model is, how he'd never get a DUI, etc....and then he does it two weeks later. He says he'll fight anyone, anywhere....and then he dicktucks when he has the opportunity to prove it. He walks around quoting the bible and dropping allusions and insituations that he's some kind of Christ/martyr for MMA, which is bullshit. Is Jon Jones a great fighter? Sure, but he's no different than a lot of other champions that were slightly ahead of their time. Royce Gracie seemed like the lord himself 20 years ago. Matt Hughes looked like an undefeated beast 6-7 years ago. GSP revolutionzed the way MMA fighters approach their craft, and suddenly he's forgotten about. Fedor straight streamrolled cats for YEARS, cats that were BIGGER than him. We're going to jizz all over the place for Jon Jones already? The guy is a heavyweight fighting in the light heavyweight division. He strings together a really solid 1.5 year run so far and he's suddenly the Top 2 or 3 ever? Get some perspective, man. Jusrt my 2 cents though. 

Orcus Knows MMA Better Than Goku site profile image  

9/18/12 9:09 AM by Orcus Knows MMA Better Than Goku


Ocean6 site profile image  

9/18/12 8:35 AM by Ocean6

Thanks for posting the vid OP.Unfortunately, I am using up so many VTFD's in this thread.

MMA_mania site profile image  

9/18/12 8:03 AM by MMA_mania

Those that hate him as fighter and a person need to take a step back.50 years ago unless you lived in the town of a champion fighter you knew very little about him.We have loved champions of the past even if their status of a human being was unknown.Jon is young, he needs to grow up and mature but 90% of the haters would handle just add water success worse than he has.We all make mistakes, every member of this forum has done so. In 2012 those in the public eye suffer 10 fold to those in the days passed.Personally I think Jon will be a top 2/3 MMA fighter of all time. As a person, give the kid a chance.He is a young man, a champion and one of the best fighters I have ever seen in my life.Just my 2 cents.

slamming site profile image  

9/18/12 6:06 AM by slamming

6 weeks = 8 days am I right?

slamming site profile image  

9/18/12 6:05 AM by slamming

Get fucked with that shit.