Stephan Bonnar: Teixeira didn't have enough Twitter followers

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"My manager hit me up and asked how I feel about fighting Glover Teixeira," Bonnar said. "And I said, 'You know my rule. If I'm going to do this again, he's got to have more Twitter followers than me.' I know it sounds cheesy, but it's true. That's how I feel. That's a measure of someone's popularity, and I just want a bigger name. The last three opponents, I've had more Twitter followers than them, and I've beat them, and I feel like I deserve a bigger name now. I really don't have an interest in fighting an up-and-comer type, guys who are climbing their way up and people don't really know how good they are. I've done that a lot in my career."

In fact, Bonnar's past three opponents – Krzysztof Soszynski, Igor Pokrajac and Kyle Kingsbury – don't have as many Twitter followers combined as Bonnar does. It's an interesting barometer for deciding whether or not to fight someone, but Teixeira didn't make the cut.

"I got another text from (my manager) asking how I'd feel about fighting Anderson, and I laughed," Bonnar said. "Like, 'Yeah. Good luck trying to pull that one off.' Of course I'd fight Anderson – 2.5 million Twitter followers? Geez. Like this will ever happen.' … By Thursday night, it was everywhere, and I couldn't believe it. I played a little phone tag Friday and got ahold of (UFC President Dana White), and lo and behold, it was true.

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NKcell site profile image  

9/19/12 8:56 PM by NKcell

This is what MMA has come to? Guys not fighting over a Twitter????? pretty pathetic, maybe if bonnar more time training and less time on Twitter he could retire as a has been and not a never was.

MMMMCLENCHEDFIST site profile image  


How many twitter followers did the hammer have when he put that savage beating on u? <br /><br />

BIG CEC site profile image  

9/19/12 5:12 PM by BIG CEC

I don't care who fights. I just want an old fashion UFC show - - - someone knocked the hell out without control of their body while it twitches!!! I am tired of all the dancing around the octogon, the clinching/smothering for three rounds, and expecially, the clear avoidance of beating the hell out of each other!!!

MarcusRenatoBlackBelt site profile image  

9/19/12 5:00 PM by MarcusRenatoBlackBelt

Bonnar Vs Paris Hilton , MAKE IT HAPPEN DANA!

MarcusRenatoBlackBelt site profile image  

9/19/12 4:46 PM by MarcusRenatoBlackBelt

Bonnar is a legend. He fought in the most important fight in the history of the UFC in his bout with Griffin. He fought 3 No Names/Low names, as he wasn't in any position to pick and choose after his loss to Coleman.After fighting these guys which he all beat, to move to a 3 fight winning streak, he was either going to retire, or fight a bigger name. Fighting an upNcOmer wasn't an option he would have considered. After all , he is a company man. It really hurt his brand and his career to fight the upstart Jon Jones that Nobody knew about. He was getting thrown across the Octogon by a guy nobody knew how good he was. For that reason, Bonnar has every right , after his 3 fight win streak, to not want to fight any more upncomers , HAVING PAID HIS DUES.

rebel927 site profile image  

9/19/12 4:39 PM by rebel927

They're bringing in a big slow white guy who has never been knocked out. Same thing they did to build up old what's his name when they marched in James J Braddock.

DoubleBagger site profile image  

9/19/12 4:37 PM by DoubleBagger

You are a fucking idiot.

UGCTT_buchu8oolong site profile image  

9/19/12 4:34 PM by UGCTT_buchu8oolong

I sense dry smartassery...

Topsyjt site profile image  

9/19/12 4:27 PM by Topsyjt

This :-)