Dana White: I thought Brian Stann beat Michael Bisping

by Tom Ngo | source: 5thround.com

Michael Bisping got a unanimous decision over Brian Stann at UFC 152. As is often the case, Stann thought he won the fight. But he has some big support in the belief - UFC President Dana White does too.

“I had it one and one, and I thought [Stann] won the 3rdRound. It was close,” said White. “It’s not like this, ‘Holy s---! This is crazy! The judging is terrible!’ It was that close of a fight that it could have gone either way. That’s just the way I saw it.”

The judges saw it otherwise, with all three giving identical scores - Stann in round 1, and Bisping in 2 and 3.

While Bisping was happy with the decision, he was less so with White's take on the fight.

“Bisping was walking (backstage after the bout) and he asked me, ‘What’d you think?’” White related. “I told him, ‘I think you lost the 3rd round. He says, ‘I can’t even get to my f------ locker room and you’re telling me you think I lost the fight?’

“Listen, I’m honest. I always tell you what I think. It was close.”

Weidman remains the number one contender for Anderson Silva's title; an impressive win over Tim Boetsch at UFC 155 on Dec 29 will further solidify his standing.

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Kirik site profile image  

9/30/12 2:49 PM by Kirik

Dana later said Bisping vs. Silva would be awesome, so it wasn't an attempt to head that off.

Dirty_Boxer site profile image  

9/29/12 12:51 PM by Dirty_Boxer

Poor Bisping. It was a hell of a fight and Bisping won. Really I don't know what Dana White was watching that night. He said Mighty Mouse should've been 4-1 too and Benvidez definitely had two rounds. Plus Jones got Sub of the night though actually not entirely clear on the input there but it should've gone to Maghalaese.

Blazing Knees site profile image  

9/29/12 8:51 AM by Blazing Knees

if this guy says Stann lost, then he DID, lol

TightTriangle site profile image  

9/29/12 8:41 AM by TightTriangle

Does ANYONE agree with Dana?? I've seen this reported by numerous sites and not one place agrees with him.

BuyTheTicketTakeTheRide site profile image  

9/29/12 8:35 AM by BuyTheTicketTakeTheRide


shootfightermike site profile image  

9/29/12 8:19 AM by shootfightermike


bknumber1 site profile image  

9/29/12 3:52 AM by bknumber1

I'm the biggest Stann fan I know and I cannot stand Bisping and I thought Spitsbing won.

nick diaz nut hugger site profile image  

9/29/12 2:53 AM by nick diaz nut hugger

Besides the obvious numbers favoring Bisping in rounds 2 and 3, what doesn't show up is octagon control, which Bisping had from the first bell to the last (maybe a ten- to fifteen-second exception at the end of the first round).

nick diaz nut hugger site profile image  

9/29/12 2:50 AM by nick diaz nut hugger

Fighter KD Sig. Str. Sig. Str. % Total Str. TD TD % Sub. Att. Pass Rev. FIGHTS TOTALS Bisping 0 64 of 141 45% 88 of 168 4 of 13 31% 0 3 0 Stann 0 57 of 141 40% 72 of 158 0 of 0 0% 0 0 1 ROUND 1 Bisping 0 20 of 49 41% 26 of 55 0 of 3 0% 0 0 0 Stann 0 22 of 53 42% 26 of 57 0 of 0 0% 0 0 0 ROUND 2 Bisping 0 15 of 37 41% 28 of 53 2 of 4 50% 0 2 0 Stann 0 9 of 28 32% 18 of 39 0 of 0 0% 0 0 1 ROUND 3 Bisping 0 29 of 55 53% 34 of 60 2 of 6 33% 0 1 0 Stann 0 26 of 60 43% 28 of 62 0 of 0 0% 0 0 0   http://hosteddb.fightmetric.com/fights/index/4056

Rebel INS site profile image  

9/29/12 2:07 AM by Rebel INS

I can't stand Bisping, but he clearly won this fight as much as it hurts me to admit