Bautista's opponent out of fight, back in jail

by Dave Meltzer | source:

With the show eight days away, who Bautista will be facing is still a mystery.

Bautista's original opponent was Rashid Evans, whose main claim to fame is that his name would be easily confused with one of the biggest stars in the sport. He was given the lottery ticket of being someone who had never had a pro fight, but was going to get to headline a pay-per-view. The downside is that Evans was incarcerated, but according to trainer Phil Dunlap of Advanced Fighting Systems in Mahwah, N.J., they were able to get him released based on the fact he was given this opportunity.

According to Dunlap, Evans violated the terms of his probation, when caught driving without his license, and then panicked when police tried to pull him over. He's back in jail and won't be out until after the fight.

The golden ticket was then passed to Bruno McKee, a super heavyweight at his gym that also would have been making his pro debut after a few amateur fights. But days ago McKee, a part-time fighter compared with Tank Abbott, pulled out, from a combination of nerves and feeling he wasn't going to have enough training time to get ready, according to sourCES.

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RKing85 site profile image  

9/30/12 11:46 AM by RKing85

got to be frusterating have your opponent change so many times.While interested in this fight, no way in hell I am paying $40 for it on PPV.

Farewell Brock site profile image  

9/30/12 9:58 AM by Farewell Brock

Lol. I went to a wwe houseshow back when I was kine 15. The headline fight was Owen heart vs ken shamrock un a sub only fight.The event was in edmintin Alberta.AnywayI'm sitting there talking g ti these guts behind us and one of them says Ge's going to go grab some drinks. About 15 min later they put in a fight between these two "local" guys. No word of a lie the guy vehhind me who went to fer the drinks was one if them. Hus name was "face vautista from leftbrudge Alberta" Absolutely amazing.

Dysqo site profile image  

9/30/12 8:39 AM by Dysqo

"A lot of carnival barkers and former indy pro-wrestling promoters become fight promoters, and that's what looks like the problem here."Promoter is an old time RI boxing promoter, and started doing MMA events a few years ago, they have managed to be one of the top promoters in NE the past few years. Has a couple of former UFC/WEC fighters (John Howard, Mike Campbell) regularly fighting. The undercard does have some appeal to local fans. I am sure there are 5 to 10 local heavy weights who would stand up and say 'I will take the fight', but no way does Batista want to step up and take one of these tougher fights. A figher like Artie/Arthur Mullen who is 0-8 (probably more losses than that) wouldnt pass the smell test of a legit fight, and heck someone like Jason Doloff (6-17) or Bobby Favors (9-15) might have too much experience. After looking around at local fighers, perhaps a 0-2 Sandor Binkley will be who they end up going with...

Bobby Lupo site profile image  

9/30/12 8:12 AM by Bobby Lupo

He's making some big movies, guy is doing alright for himself. Runs or will run an MMA/BJJ school. I don't blame him for not wanting to fight Fedor in his first fight. He's like a thousand years old and started traneing like 2 years ago, he has a limited window to make money in MMA. A few squashes, then a name, then it's over.

te reo M?ori TeHuna site profile image  

9/30/12 4:23 AM by te reo M?ori TeHuna

Gillberg is better -

BobD site profile image  

9/29/12 4:59 PM by BobD

Goldberg! Goldberg!

Bispingoed by UGCTT_Benwahwah site profile image  

9/29/12 4:06 PM by Bispingoed by UGCTT_Benwahwah

Hell yeah, that's a lot more than most would do. I heard that was the case and respect to him for hiring qualified instruction.

Ponyboy site profile image  

9/29/12 2:56 PM by Ponyboy

How about Herschel Walker as an opponent?

Mark Krumrine site profile image  

9/29/12 2:36 PM by Mark Krumrine

Thanks I'm only 210 walk around weight but fuck it I'd do it why not

Barry_BondsMVP site profile image  

9/29/12 12:53 PM by Barry_BondsMVP

Rashad Evans