Kyle Kingsbury suffers multiple facial fractures in loss to Manuwa

by Thomas Myers | source: mmamania

"Good stoppage.... Although I wanted a 3rd round, MRI just confirmed multiple fractures above the eye and nose."
-Kyle Kingsbury, via Twitter

"Kingsbu" was mauled in the first round of his fight with Jimi Manuwa at UFC on Fuel TV 5. After the fight was stopped by the ringside physician between the second and third rounds because his left eye was swollen shut, he wisely sought medical intention.

It was so bad that by the time "Kingsbu" somehow managed to come out for the second round, he was fighting with a broken face. That's right, Manuwa -- who was actually a body builder before turning to mixed martial arts (MMA) several years ago -- was hurling bone-breaking strikes that most likely would have stopped large livestock.

But, not the hulking 6'4" Kingsbury, who took a lickin' and kept on tickin.' The American Kickboxing Academy (AKA)-trained fighter would have even come out for a third and final round had the ringside physician not rightfully called a halt to the 205-pound battle.

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Beggsie site profile image  

10/5/12 8:59 AM by Beggsie

Tough guy hope he comes back better than ever.

RustyTrombone site profile image  

10/5/12 7:29 AM by RustyTrombone

Was that supposed to be funny?

WALLSTREET_WRESTLER site profile image  


he takes a beating and keep on cominghe's toughufc will CUT him soongood luck kyle.....have fun pumping gas lol

CindyO site profile image  

10/1/12 6:10 PM by CindyO

Ahahahaha!!! You're awesome!   Cindy

UGCTT_THE Kevin Chandler site profile image  

10/1/12 5:23 PM by UGCTT_THE Kevin Chandler

Kingsbu happily took on two of THE biggest prospects in MMA (Vinny rounding out the top 3) right now and put on a HELL of a show.  He's not going anywhere just yet. As to the people saying he's not up to UFC caliber, I think he's recently been beaten by some of the coming elite (Bonnar will make a case for him being part of that elite next Saturday), but as him winning the last round against Jimi proved, Kingsbu can FIGHT and I believe can fight at the UFC level. I'd like to see his next fight against someone like Beltran, Diabate, Vladdy, Perosh, Pokrajac, hell I'd kinda like to see him against Vinny, but not sure if that's fair (being that he would've faced the top THREE biggest prospects in the UFC).

brune90 site profile image  

10/1/12 3:47 PM by brune90

i felt bad for him but then i remembered he was going home with natasha wicks...even with a broke face kingsbu is still winning.

holly9000 site profile image  

10/1/12 11:55 AM by holly9000

They will, Dana respects fighters who bring it

epwar site profile image  

10/1/12 10:45 AM by epwar

Are you joking?  I love Manuwa, but if you didn't notice he was taken down with ease a few times in the fight.  Easy pickings for Jones there.

StratTone site profile image  

10/1/12 10:33 AM by StratTone

Very much so. He doesnt' seem to have the skill for the UFC but his balls make up for it.

jakmma90 site profile image  

10/1/12 6:16 AM by jakmma90

"i have a broken skull!!!!"-Tito Ortiz