Swanson: I could beat Aldo 10 out of 10 times

source: sherdog.com

Cub Swanson suffered a quick defeat the first time he fought Jose Aldo, but he has no doubt that he’d win a rematch -- or rematches.

“I know that I could win that fight 10 out of 10 times if we did it again,” Swanson told the Sherdog Radio Network’s “Beatdown” show. “It’s not even an issue to me anymore. I’d actually like my brother -- would love for my brother -- to fight him, who’s an up-and-comer, which I feel is more of a fair fight. I don’t really feel like [himself vs. Aldo] would be a fair fight at all.”

“I definitely feel like I don’t get credit, but I’ve always taken that as kind of my fault,” said Swanson, citing his up-and-down tenure in the WEC. “I’ve been inconsistent. It’s the way this game is. There’s so many ways to lose and to win. When you’re drastically trying to make improvements in your game, sometimes you get lost in what made you great. Finding a balance in your game is a delicate thing. I feel like those wins and losses were really my growing period. I feel like right now is the time where everything’s coming together and everything’s just flowing for me. I feel unstoppable right now.”

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LikeThis site profile image  

10/3/12 11:13 PM by LikeThis

cool cat gif60% of the time it works, every time

aka_rtotheoh site profile image  

10/3/12 11:12 PM by aka_rtotheoh

Cub Swanson beats his meat 10/10 times

kevsh site profile image  

10/3/12 10:39 PM by kevsh

"How to Trash Talk Your Way Into a Title Fight 101"Someone's been taking Chael's course?

MMAFAN695 site profile image  

10/3/12 9:58 PM by MMAFAN695

Guess who represents the Greg Jackson fighter and guess who represents the Team Black House figher.

Phisher site profile image  

10/3/12 9:49 PM by Phisher

"He destroyed Mendes every second of that fight regardless of a fench grab,"   You have a bizarre definition of being "destroyed." Both guys were pretty much feeling each other out. Aldo landed a few leg kicks and (legitimately) stuffed a few takedowns, and Mendes landed a few leg kicks and jabs. Neither did anything significant before Mendes took Aldo's back.   RE the topic of this thread, I just listened to the Beatdown podcast from last week. It's clear that Swanson misunderstood what Sherwood was asking him. He thought that they were still talking about Jens Pulver.

ICantReid site profile image  

10/3/12 9:34 PM by ICantReid

Swanson was out Sherdog radio today, and clarified that he was talking about Jens Pulver with the "10 out of 10" comment.

well rounded poster site profile image  

10/3/12 6:08 AM by well rounded poster

"10/10 times" + "it's not a fair fight" = still having nightmares about the knee and shitting himself about AldoDude needs to learn to hide his feelings.

Reckoner site profile image  

10/3/12 4:39 AM by Reckoner

ttt for another goat's vagina forehead.

Bill O'Really site profile image  

10/3/12 4:10 AM by Bill O'Really

Forgot to mention- provided he doesn't eat Aldo's knee in the opening stanza

Bill O'Really site profile image  

10/3/12 4:09 AM by Bill O'Really

I for one want to see this fight.  I think he'd do well,  not so sure about 10 outta 10, but he could def bring it to Aldo