Anderson Silva already near weight, White says Bonnar will be crazy bigger

source: tatame

Fans are giving Stephan Bonnar little chance against Anderson Silva at UFC 153 in Rio on October 13. However, inadquate consideration may have been given to the size difference as Silva is moving up a division to face a naturally large 205er in Bonnar, and to the fact that Bonnar has never been knocked out in the UFC, against 205 pound oppennents.

Tatame magazine is reporting that over a week out from UFC in Rio 3 is only two pounds over the lightheavyweight limit of 205.

The fighters are entering the phase of drastic cut weight for UFC Rio 3 on October 13. Some even lose weight 10kg (22 lbs) in a week. The case of Anderson Silva, however, is different. The middleweight champion is fighting in the main event fight against Stephan Bonnar in the light heavyweight category (up to 93kg/205lbs). He is already very close to the ideal weight.

Rogério Camões, one of the leaders of the X-Gym academy and Silva's conditioning coach noted how tranquil the time is without without the need to cut weight.

"Anderson is only two pounds overweight, so now we are ready to consider the rest," said Camoes. "On Friday we will have a meeting with the doctor who takes care of his body to see how best to cut what remains, but he is very strong, with a job well done and a very good power. He usually trains at 93kg (205 lbs), cuts to 84kg (185 lbs), and then fights at about 90kg (198 lbs)."

Anderson Silva agreed to face Stephan Bonnar with less than a month of preparation to save a card hampered by injuries. Neither the little preparation time, nor the fact the fight is at 205 worries Camões, who ses an advantage for Silva by already having gone through a long period of training to face Chael Sonnen.

"Anderson comes this fight against Sonnen, when he made eight weeks of muscular work, and was based on strength training. He remained active, then just gave continuity to what has been done and the coaches specify details upon Bonnar. This is the third fight in the UFC for Anderson at 93kg (205) and he is well suited."

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Meanwhile, UFC President Dana White is predicting that Bonnar will be massively larger than Silva.

"He's huge, he's going to be so much bigger than Anderson in this fight that it's going to be crazy," White told ESPN.

"People don't realise what a huge Rocky story this is. Stephan has been so close for so long. He's been waiting for a big fight to come up and then, boom, this comes up.

"Stephan called us to ask for this fight. He's on a four-fight win streak and I know how much this means to him. He's going after it and this is the biggest fight of his life.

"Anderson has fought at 205 before, you saw what he did with Forrest, but this is a completely different fight. It's a dangerous fight for Anderson."

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Lazer MMA site profile image  

10/6/12 7:33 AM by Lazer MMA

Um, to me training at 205 and be considered the GOAT by many is every reason to fight LHW in the first place (as Hendo does not cut either as an example). I guess you missed my point there.

Zaph site profile image  

10/5/12 8:57 PM by Zaph

What's to be gained by making Anderson Silva sound smaller than he is?  Is that your question? As I see it, prestige.  There's more glory in beating larger men than there is in beating smaller ones.  Anderson Silva, instead of calling out the champion of the division above his own, is calling out the champion of the division below it.  When you've cleaned out your weight class, that's an odd path to take.  If Anderson's people paint a picture of a diminutive MW who's been beating up giants, then it becomes less awkward for him to be calling out the smaller St-Pierre. I'm not saying he's lying, I'm just saying that I don't consider a fighter's coaches to be reliable sources that are free of bias, so I don't understand how their claims get presented as facts here, even though they're completely unverified. 

Lazer MMA site profile image  

10/5/12 3:21 PM by Lazer MMA

Yes it's much more logical here that his trainer is lying! Wait, if that were the case, logically would the numbers equal the ones he supplied?WTF can be gained by lying with these numbers?

Zaph site profile image  

10/5/12 1:26 PM by Zaph

I don't know why everyone takes what coaches say as if they were legally required to be truthful.

Jons Forsberg site profile image  

10/5/12 1:13 PM by Jons Forsberg

so Anderson is bigger than Machida, Hendo and a couple of pounds lighter than Shogun.

Lazer MMA site profile image  

10/5/12 1:11 PM by Lazer MMA

You understand that this thread is about the fact (per his trainer) that he trains at 205 correct? Lots of guys fought MUCH bigger guys than themselves and this is NOT (the match up with JBJ) even one of those cases.

Lobo8 site profile image  

10/5/12 1:01 PM by Lobo8

Yep. Jon is overall too big for silva. Gsp and silva are closer in size, which is why I want to see them fight each other.

Lazer MMA site profile image  

10/5/12 12:58 PM by Lazer MMA

LOL! Nice post!Age please?

Forest Whitakers Lazy Eye site profile image  

10/5/12 12:50 PM by Forest Whitakers Lazy Eye

Young Anderson