Erick Silva: For Fitch to stand with me would be suicide


In a recent interview, Fitch said that you would like to win by submission, using his vulnerable side. What you have to say about it?

Erick Silva - Fitch has to speak up because they stand with me is suicide for him. Charlie (Brenneman) also said that he wanted to take me to the ground and eventually finalized. I think I forget that I am a black belt in jiu-jitsu.

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DoubleWhopperCombo site profile image  

10/14/12 11:19 PM by DoubleWhopperCombo

Man, as far as I'm concerned, they wanted Silva to win and they wouldn't stop it. There was a couple segments where it should have been stopped IMO. I was thinking WTF REF???Fitch was hammering Silva with clean, hard, non stop punches to the face and Silva wasn't even defending....

ausgepicht site profile image  

10/14/12 5:08 PM by ausgepicht

LMAO@all the butthurt Brazilian wannabes. Fitch tried to finish. The only reason you guys still attack Fitch is because you were worshipping Silva as the second coming of Jesus as you gays do with every Brazilian. He got dismissed and your god died. Don't worry you can still practice your fake Brazilian accents, spray your tans on and won't have to scrape your GJJ bumper sticker off or cover your BJJ tattoo up. You can keep being wannabes. You're just going to have to clean up the kool-aid stain and keep crying about wrestling. There will be another "Brazilian who is the second coming of Jesus flavor of the month" next month.

Joshua J King site profile image  

10/14/12 4:14 PM by Joshua J King

It's hard to KO someone when the back of their head isn't exposed.

NorthFromHere site profile image  

10/14/12 3:33 PM by NorthFromHere

I meant he bought his own hype. He was overconfident against Fitch and paid the price for it. Hopefully the 300 strikes to his face in the third round brought him back to ground level.

stlnl2 site profile image  

10/14/12 3:28 PM by stlnl2

It was a style and experience thing as well. A young guy like Silva is an explosive kid who for all we know is a front runner. I thought the kid actually showed guts dealing with the grind, but he was E X H A U S T E D. You could tell he was not ready mentally for that grind. It will be interesting how both men do after this fight. I think both showed alot of good stuff.

Yun site profile image  

10/14/12 12:58 PM by Yun

i think ppl were delusional. i never liked his style but he was always top 5 in the division. except for gsp n hendrix fight, i remember him dominating opponents (via leg humping) but he still dominates the control and better position. grinds out a win everytime. besides my hate for his style, im happy for fitch to get the win and bonus. well- deserved imo

Lobo8 site profile image  

10/14/12 12:46 PM by Lobo8

He still has a lot of hype and deserves it. If anything this loss will make him better. Once he masters TDD and get some better ground work he will become unstoppable

DoubleWhopperCombo site profile image  

10/14/12 12:42 PM by DoubleWhopperCombo

It was like a man beating a child...Fight should have been stopped a couple times...Fitch outstruck Silva on the feet and wrecked him on the ground...

stlnl2 site profile image  

10/14/12 12:40 PM by stlnl2

I agree with the sentiment, but in fairness, it is easier to do when you can hit them, have a cage to help take a side of mobility away with, and are covering in sweat with nothing but shorts on.

JetSetter site profile image  

10/14/12 12:33 PM by JetSetter

Silva was prancing around like he was Anderson and not Eric. Fitch beat his ass and made him realize that he is definitely not the other Silva. I don't expect to see Eric Silva act so arrogant again anytime soon.Great job Fitch!