Browne: I pose the most danger in the division


It's been talked about how the winner of this fight will join Junior Dos Santos, Cain Velasquez, Daniel Cormier, Fabricio Werdum and the suspended Alistair Overeem as part of what would be the big six of the division.

"Between me and him, we've created our own level," said Browne, whose first-round knockout over Stefan Struve looks even more impressive this week when it comes to who would be the next guy to join the elite group. "The only thing left ahead of us are the top five."

"I think out of the guys in the top ten, I'm probably the scariest one of them," he said. "My size is a danger, my power and my athletic ability. I think I pose the most danger in that division. Cain, with his grinding ability, he's the one who for me poses the biggest threat."

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Bobby Lupo site profile image  

10/6/12 6:50 AM by Bobby Lupo

Browne: I pose the most danger in the division myself

TecHNieK site profile image  

10/6/12 3:23 AM by TecHNieK


Thiaguy site profile image  

10/6/12 3:22 AM by Thiaguy

I still feel bad about what happened to Travis though.

MMALOGIC site profile image  

10/6/12 2:41 AM by MMALOGIC

Browne looked like crap from the opening bell.   but i think it was more of a mental issue than anything else.  he just looked so nervous.

Thiaguy site profile image  

10/6/12 2:37 AM by Thiaguy

Having said what I said.Travis Brown came into the fighy healthyHe was goofing around, and hurt his knee throwing a wild punch with poor positioningWe don't even know if it's a serious injury eitherFor all we know it could've just been a minor sprain and Travis just gave up etc

Thiaguy site profile image  

10/6/12 2:34 AM by Thiaguy

I brought it up lolSomebody was talking about how MMA fans don't understand injuries, then I mentioned Shogun in that contextMy bad I guess haha

DoomFarmer site profile image  

10/6/12 2:29 AM by DoomFarmer

How did this become about Shogun?Great win for Bigfoot tonight.

Thiaguy site profile image  

10/6/12 2:27 AM by Thiaguy

p.s two last thingsSo you are saying Forrest was told RIGHT before he walked out to the ring, that his wife was going into labor?I don't believe that is true.Still, like I already said, having a baby is a happy and joyous moment, and should be motivationForrest knew his wife was going to be ok and deliver a baby etcIts not like they told him his wife died etcLastly,I don't buy that it was the opening knee. It didn't even buckle Shogun, let alone, it didn't even drop him etcShogun HAS RECOVERED from much hands shots then that before.Shogun even recovered from the H bomb. An h bomb did actually drop him, and he recovered instantly Shogun gassed out, and was never quite able to get his gas back ectIf you want me to ,I can go into much greater detail about the fight, and how I saw it etc

Thiaguy site profile image  

10/6/12 2:12 AM by Thiaguy

When you say in "all fairness" and then go on to write what you write, it's a jokeDon't even say in "all fairness" lol. What was the point of that?Having a kid has been shown to be a motivating factor, and the facts are there to support that too For Dana, and zuffa zombies to make so many excuse for Forrest that night was patheticIn the first fight, Shogun was PHYSICALLY being hampered due to a serious injury. That COST Shogun the win, and his performnaceDespite being on one knee, Shogun still managed to give Forrest a hell of a fight though. Shogun is that much of a boss!Look,Forrest was having a baby. Boo hoo. Call the presses. I mean wow, how debilitating that must have been for Forrest, right LOLForrest had his health, now Shogun finally had his health for the rematch, and a healthy Shogun RAN Forrest over like a cargo truck going through road kill etcThe issue in the first fight, and what has been the ONLY issue for Shogun, was/were injuries/lay offsWe know Shogun was injured against Forrest the first time. Like mentioned, It cost Shogun his performance, but we all saw what a HEALTHY Shogun did to Forrest. CRUSHED Forrest within minutes. That SAID it allIt proved what every body else, but zuffa zombies, already knewI.e that Shogun was injured first time, and that if Shogun were healthy, he would run all over Forrest, which he did do in Rio ;)(Shogun erased the debut loss to Forrest)Its funny, Zuffa zombies/Shogun haters say:"Forrest was having a baby" or "his mind was else where" TO excuse Forrests' ass crushing KO loss to a HEALTHY ShogunYou see, those are what REAL excuses are etcBut yet,Shogun's real and debilitating- performance-costing injury IS what is some how the "excuse" lolI mean really stop,and think about that!The excuse isn't this: "Forrest got knocked out because he was having a baby".... No, that's not what the excuse is... Shogun fighting the whole first fight on an injured knee, is what the excuse is etcIt's so twisted! These crazies are just NOT using common sense anymoreAnyway,A healthy Shogun beats Forrest 10 out of 10 times IMO.Shogun is simply a much higher caliber of talent.Has destroyed a multitude of much better fighters then Forrest has ever beaten, and when healthy ran over Forrest etcShogun can always take Forrest down, and pound him out, or can and will always be able to hurt him on the feet etcShogun is a vastly better, and more technical, more powerful kicker. Shogun's punching and kicking power is on another universe. Shogun's chin is on another universeShogun's hands are a lot quicker. Shogun is just a lot sharper as well .The only thing Forrest has on Shogun is cardio, but when Shogun is healthy, I think he has the better cardio

Thiaguy site profile image  

10/6/12 2:01 AM by Thiaguy