Pat Barry calls out ass in seat during UFC on FX 5

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Pat Barry" class="Newslink">Pat Barry @HypeOrDie

At UFC on FX 5 during the Jon Dodson vs. Jussier da Silva fight, the fighters were too cautious for some of the fans, and at least one of the fans took it too far for Pat Barry, who called him on it, and reported it live on Twitter.

Support for Barry was strong on Twitter. This, combined with UFC President Dana White's recetn request that people who didn't like the Demetrious Johnson and Joseph Benavidez flyweight fight simply don't buy tickets, hopefuly is the beginning of a change in behavior by some "fans."

Dodson won via KO, and will now challenge Johnson for the UFC Flyweight championship.

Below Barry explans what happened.


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goocher site profile image  

10/30/12 3:14 PM by goocher

Shitty thing is my friend had the same thing happen to him for tell some idiots to shut the fuck up. His phone was dead, his jacket was left inside as well. He tried getting back in to get his jacket and then the same cop busted him and gave him a trespassing he has to go to court.......

Nate 'Rock' Quarry site profile image  

10/30/12 11:51 AM by Nate 'Rock' Quarry

explodin, good point. What I was trying to say and I don't think I made my point very well was booing just to get attention for yourself. I'VE booed at fights. But it's at that moment where EVERYONE is pissed off for whatever reason. I've never been "that guy" who's booing when they go to the ground or because I'm drunk and bored. I'm all for booing something that sucks.

ortoPsy site profile image  

10/13/12 9:15 AM by ortoPsy

pat should of cantona'd him

cward81386 site profile image  

10/13/12 8:43 AM by cward81386

youre all Egotistical Cockroachs is what he really meant to say... every last one of you!

Scramslam site profile image  

10/9/12 10:16 PM by Scramslam

ttt for Pat!

justingore site profile image  

10/9/12 9:21 PM by justingore

Fair enough

Nalaan site profile image  

10/9/12 3:57 PM by Nalaan

I think you're taking this out of context a bit and get all railed up for nothing here. In the begining of the interview he defines cockroaches as anyone that comes in and is being obnoxious and boos etc. Then in context he talks about people with higher education jobs doing this to show there are cockroaches in any level of life really, while you probably would expect that kind of behavior from some random hicks or low life scum, it happens in all levels and all pay grades. Basically he's saying being a douchebag at events (or a cockroach) is pretty univeral across the board, some people just come in and no matter how cool or educated they can be they feel the right to call out fighter pussies and boo just because they paid a ticket.

2JupitersTooMany site profile image  

10/9/12 3:35 PM by 2JupitersTooMany

To put things in better perspective, I hear the dude was a hulk, larger than Pat.

2JupitersTooMany site profile image  

10/9/12 3:28 PM by 2JupitersTooMany


Matrixkick site profile image  

10/9/12 3:17 PM by Matrixkick

You did the right thing Pat. End of story... When are you fighting again?