Stephens' management releases statement

source: EVO Agents

In response to the recent arrest and allegations regarding Jeremy Stephens we would like to take this opportunity to reach out to his supporters and clarify some of the information that has been circulating in the media.

In 2011, Jeremy was attending a homecoming party in Des Moines, Iowa. A person in attendance became intoxicated and disorderly, and was asked to leave by the owner of the establishment. The intoxicated individual subsequently became involved in a physical altercation with another person at the event. We have learned that, as the featured guest at the party, Jeremy's name came up during the police investigation of the assault.

Prior to being detained the morning of October 5, 2012, in Minneapolis, Jeremy had never been arrested in connection with the assault, contacted about any possible charge and or notified about any outstanding warrant by mail or any other means. Jeremy has lived at the same residence in San Diego and has maintained the same phone number for the past year or more. Jeremy also uses social media to provide updates on his training, and to thank fans, supporters, sponsors, and the UFC. In short, Jeremy is not a hard guy to find, which can be seen at

At this time, we do not know why Polk County (Iowa) authorities waited to have a warrant served on Jeremy until the morning of his fight. He arrived in Minnesota four days earlier, stayed at the hotel with other fighters for the event, and attended the public weigh-in on Thursday afternoon. Because he was arrested so close to the time of the fight, arrangements for his release could not be made in time for him to compete despite the diligent efforts of the UFC. Minnesota state officials were great to deal with, but Polk County kept changing the deal making it impossible to get Jeremy released.

It will take some time for this unfortunate situation to be resolved. We ask that everyone be patient and wait for the truth to come out. We also would like to thank Jeremy's fans who are standing by him during this tough time and especially Dana White and the staff at UFC for their incredible display of support for Jeremy throughout the ordeal.

There is nothing to hide, so we will keep everyone updated as things progress.



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TenOfSwords site profile image  

10/10/12 7:16 AM by TenOfSwords

Can't decide whose bail amount is more outrageous: Jeremy Stephens' $100K bail for a this, or Nakoula Basseley Nakoula's no bail for exercising his First Amendment right to free expression.

pwdrblu site profile image  

10/10/12 6:14 AM by pwdrblu

Thanks Det. Columbo!!!

Fury21 site profile image  

10/9/12 11:36 PM by Fury21

I talked with eye witnesses and know the evidence. I can't put his business out there, just know he did not do this and is innocent. 

Rockcod site profile image  

10/9/12 5:31 PM by Rockcod

Iowa probably found out about Stephens being there after MN did the criminal background check for the fight license. Iowa probably wasn't on a manhunt or anything like that. They just put a warrant out for his arrest, and probably got a call from the AC when the background check on Stephens came back.I like the carefully chosen words in that little statement. It's hard to notify someone of a warrant when they take off for California.

Rockcod site profile image  

10/9/12 5:27 PM by Rockcod

LOL, it's Des Moines, Iowa...not a town of 3,000 people where Uncle Skeeter is the DA and the sheriff.

repseatown site profile image  

10/8/12 10:48 PM by repseatown

Well i am driving across the country right now going 80+ MPH on freeway so I haven't been able to review all the comments. So please excuse me if this has already been addressed. but the state of Iowa clearly waited till Jeremy arrived in Minnesota for two reasons. the biggest reason is, usually felony warrants will only be extradited if they are within 1 state away, unless of course it is for rape, murder and things like that. If Jeremy had a warrant in Iowa, but living in San Diego they would never been able to extradite him, they would have to ask him to come and turn himself in. the other reason is, they never told him of the Warrant cuz they were afraid that Jeremy would never show up in Iowa or a bordering state. and if he did, I'm sure he would make it very difficult to be arrested. now they probably knew he was going to be at the fight in MN Saturday, but since these guys are probably not fight fans, they arranged for him to be arrested the day before knowing that he had to be there at least by then. now Jeremy could have made things difficult for the investigating officer that led them to do this as well, who knows. This sucks azz tho, i love lil heathen, and hope he beats this....worse then he beat this b*tch up at the party!

Jack_Bauer site profile image  

10/8/12 8:52 PM by Jack_Bauer

What was actually said was: "The intoxicated individual subsequently became involved in a physical altercation with another person at the event. We have learned that, as the featured guest at the party, Jeremy's name came up during the police investigation of the assault."   His management is being intentionally ambiguous. Based on this statement, it's completely possible that Jeremy could have been a featured guest with no connection to the altercation. It's also possible based on this statement that Jeremy's friend got into a scuffle with a 3rd party and Jeremy may have stepped in and handled business.

hellride site profile image  

10/8/12 5:37 PM by hellride

I hope that statement is closer to the truth than some of the other accounts of what happened.

pharochuck site profile image  

10/8/12 5:05 PM by pharochuck

actually they will hold you for 8 hours and then that state has to file a form stating that they intend to come get you. after that they have a certain amount of days to then actually show up

da Vinci 81 site profile image  

10/8/12 4:44 PM by da Vinci 81

Plus his manager never denied that he was involved, only that his name came up in the investigation.