Mayhem storms out of MMA Hour interview


Retired MMA fighter Jason "Mayhem" Miller prides himself on being a little out there. For the past week or two, he has pushed it further out, appearing on Twitter and the UG in character, as the apparently aggressive and socially incorrect Lucky Patrick, the part he plays in in the soon to be relaesed "Here Comes the Boom."

Appearing on Ariel Helwani's "MMA Hour" as Lucky Patrick, he made several inappropriate references before storming off the set.

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Chomas site profile image  

10/12/12 11:50 AM by Chomas

Correct. Millers phone is not ringing after this performance.

Haulport site profile image  

10/12/12 11:38 AM by Haulport

I am worried Jason is going to be dead or incarcerated for an extended period within the next year.

BigSleep site profile image  

10/12/12 5:19 AM by BigSleep

lol, thank you. That is one of the dumbest phrases ever. People repeat it without thinking.

Ryan Black site profile image  

10/12/12 3:35 AM by Ryan Black

LOL you better believe it :)... I still feel it right now. I'm on a Galaxy S1 at the moment, I get my SIII back on Saturday. But damn my thumbs are achin'. I'm in the process of remodeling the house I've inherited- and there was no spackling, no sheetrock-laying, no painting or border/trim-laying today, none at all. When I couldn't sleep yesterday morning I wrote-out a few different FRATs on a variety of subjects. I dunno why I even FRAT'd all that out... without sleep, I was running on iced coffee and vitamins. I was moved by the situation and had felt it necessary to vent all that. I'm VERY grateful to anyone who took the time to read that- and extremely thankful for a VTFU, always!@ArthurKnoqOut thanks for tge compliment & for reading bro! And the VU is MUCH appreciated my friend!And to anyone who didn't read or saw my post as rambling, I don't blame you! I apologize for my FRATing from my phone. I am going to develop early-onset Arthritis in my thumbs and wrists. I haven't posted all day from my early morning activities yesterday, lol.My wrists and thumb muscles have recovered for the most part by now, but that was rough. Thanks again to all for reading :)

sockeye site profile image  

10/11/12 2:31 PM by sockeye

Wow just got around to seeing this and damn this was ridiculous. I hope this guy falls into obscurity and never see him again. Hell no, I won't be watching "Here Comes the Boom" forget Mayhem

nubp site profile image  

10/11/12 12:36 PM by nubp

OkI just read that Mayhem has next to no lines in the movie, and his character is hardly featured at all. I'll now eat my words.

fightharder site profile image  

10/11/12 5:37 AM by fightharder

Jesus christ,   This is fucking cringyworthy. And not funny at all. He is hurting the movie more then doing it any good. With Miller it is always a little difficult see where the line between reality and really bad acting is draw (and or crossed).   Miller should have just switched to less fucked up mode and give a decent interview and do the shitck afterwards or something (if he really had to). It really did not work for Phoenix and it works even less for him.

un3rgr0und site profile image  

10/10/12 8:23 PM by un3rgr0und

i cant believe some of you think he's in character, that may be true if he has multiple personality disorder, otherwise he's just a disturbed individual who needs to seek helpyou dont break into a church and hang out naked because you're of a stable mind, that interview was awkward as hell, i've seen ppl have mental issues like that before you can tell the truth from an act, thats not an act

Tyson86 site profile image  

10/10/12 5:50 PM by Tyson86

Your thumbs must be aching after that one.

Rumbler site profile image  

10/10/12 5:46 PM by Rumbler

You nerds are still talking about this? Its just Mayhem being Mayh ...errrrr I mean "Patrick "...Seriously. Stop being fake ass drama queens. There are kids in this world that starve to death, yet an awkward interview gets your underwear in a bunch?