Brett Rogers fought Alexander Volkov with one very broken arm


Brett Rogers lost to Alexander Volkov in the Bellator heavyweight tournament this weekend. Losing to Fedor Emelianenko, Alistair Overeem, and Josh Barnett is understandable, but losing a unanimous decision to the unheralded Volkov left many fans ready to stick a fork in him.

However, it turns out that Rogers broke his arm in the first two minutes of the fight. In an interview with Rachel Mondeau, Rogers explans.

"I was really unsure of what happened to my arm," said Rogers. "I didn’t really know until about the third round that it was broken. I’ve never broke anything on my body before, so I just kept I kept going. I thought I needed to keep fighting. By the time I found out that it was, I just felt that I needed to keep going and hopefully catch him with something—catch him with that left.

"I’ve never broken anything. It was a surreal moment for me. I was like fuck — something ain't right. I need to keep going with this and hope for the best. Volkov definitely realized by the third round that something wasn’t right, so he was trying to test me out from top to bottom. By the time we found it, it was just a little too late.

"I did my part as far as surviving and making to it to the decision. That still is not a fight that I ever want to fight. I never want to have that type of fight again. Ever."

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Haulport site profile image  

10/12/12 12:07 PM by Haulport

Looks like she can take a punch! A lot of solid cranium right there!

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10/10/12 8:17 PM by GunnarWreckedMyAssHAOLE


gillyoteen site profile image  

10/10/12 8:10 PM by gillyoteen

how soon people forget I'd take prime rogers over carwin any day

Bispingoed by UGCTT_Benwahwah site profile image  

10/10/12 7:50 PM by Bispingoed by UGCTT_Benwahwah

Wtf? That second picture is erie.

gillyoteen site profile image  

10/10/12 7:40 PM by gillyoteen

seeing marloes coenen in person ruined rogers he came home and beat his wife right after this press conference

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10/10/12 7:34 PM by SinCityHustler

Yes indeed.  His wife's mug is someting out of a horror film!

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10/10/12 7:00 PM by Immaculata

That's crazy man, speedy recovery.

GunnarWreckedMyAssHAOLE site profile image  

10/10/12 6:35 PM by GunnarWreckedMyAssHAOLE

Didnt read the story, just looked at the title and xray - his wifes face must look like hell if thats what happened to his arm..

PointyShinyBurn site profile image  

10/10/12 5:44 PM by PointyShinyBurn

That is a truly horrendous break.

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10/10/12 5:22 PM by ender852

damn, almost looks like a spiral