Shannon Knapp does things Dana White doesn't

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I have been working backstage at MMA shows since the 90s, and i don't think anyone ever captured it quite as well as did Ben Fowlkes at Invicta 3.

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As I follow Invicta president Shannon Knapp down into the bomb shelter of a basement that will serve as tonight's one and only locker room for all 28 fighters on Invicta's third event, I can't help but feel a little unnerved. That feeling is not helped by the visual combination of spit buckets and pregnancy tests that Knapp quickly gets to work laying out like welcoming gifts for fighters who won't arrive for another hour.

"You think Dana White does this stuff?" Knapp says as she unstacks the black plastic buckets and puts a small white towel inside each one. At the edge of the long table is the line of First Response pregnancy tests in rectangular pink boxes. "Unsurpassed accuracy," it says on the boxes. Two tests to a box, fourteen boxes, one for each pair of fighters. The idea is for them to walk in the locker room, take one, pee on a stick, and make sure we aren't kicking each other in the fetus out there tonight. There's another thing Dana White doesn't have to worry about on fight night.

There are at least two reasons why Knapp is doing all this herself: 1) Invicta is still a small organization and Knapp is determined to keep costs down, which means her fight night "staff" consists mostly of her brother and Angie Lindland – wife of veteran fighter Matt Lindland – and whoever else she can convince to help out, 2) Knapp, at 45 years old and with a long resume that includes just about every conceivable job in the MMA industry, is a little bit of a control freak.

Once the buckets and pregnancy tests are in place, she'll head up to the floor to take a look at sponsor placement on the cage, help stack and relocate some of the floor seats, then have a very cordial argument with the guy running the smoke machine in which she tells him that he needs to be producing far less smoke during the fighter walkouts, since "some of these girls have asthma." Throughout all this, her Blackberry will chirp constantly with incoming text messages. That's what happens when you put your phone number on Twitter.

The thing that baffled me the most about the latter was, why do them now? Why not during pre-fight medicals, or at the weigh-ins? If a fighter pops positive for baby on fight night, there's no time to find a replacement. The fight would simply be off, all because of one pink line on one supermarket pregnancy test. It all seemed a little last-minute, which, as Strikeforce fighter and Invicta commentator Julie Kedzie explains later, is kind of the point.

"Even if you were pregnant all week, it might not show up on the test until today," Kedzie says as she sits in a chair backstage two hours before fight time, having her hair and makeup done in Knapp's "office," which is really a grim little bunker of a room with bad lighting and a shortage of electrical outlets.

Does she know of any fighters who found out they were pregnant via a fight night pregnancy test, I ask. Oh yes, Kedzie says. She knows of a few. What's really crazy is not that they had no idea they were pregnant, but that they successfully made weight with all that happening inside them.

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mister3mma site profile image  

10/14/12 7:42 AM by mister3mma

If its not Rousey or Cyborg, I could care less about WMMA. Pass

CindyO site profile image  

10/14/12 6:47 AM by CindyO

Haole, I asked her who streamed their second show and she said: "Both- Digital ran their stream through Edgecast because the servers crashed."   Cindy

GunnarWreckedMyAssHAOLE site profile image  

10/13/12 9:29 PM by GunnarWreckedMyAssHAOLE

She gave Fowlkes access to 5A in his article, she specifically says Edgecast hosted #2 saying 5A couldn't handle it, so she brings back 5A for #3?

CindyO site profile image  

10/13/12 8:56 PM by CindyO

I think she used both- seems like the first one couldn't handle it so they 2nd company had to take it over. But I'll ask her to be certain.   Cindy

Thatsjustlikeyouropinionman site profile image  

10/13/12 10:23 AM by Thatsjustlikeyouropinionman

If she had to deal with what Dana had to deal with when he first bought the UFC, she'd fail horribly.

GunnarWreckedMyAssHAOLE site profile image  

10/13/12 10:19 AM by GunnarWreckedMyAssHAOLE

forget numbers, the lady cant even tell us who her provider is without contradicting herself

GunnarWreckedMyAssHAOLE site profile image  

10/13/12 10:18 AM by GunnarWreckedMyAssHAOLE

Cindy - what company hosted Invicta #2 - Edgecast or Dig Studio 5A?Knapp claims one in her Crooklynn interview then says the other in the Fowlkes article

CindyO site profile image  

10/13/12 12:23 AM by CindyO


lookoutawhale site profile image  

10/12/12 12:58 AM by lookoutawhale

haha im voting you up general !

CindyO site profile image  

10/11/12 4:55 PM by CindyO

Haole, Do you really think Shannon would have given Ben complete access to her previous data,  her streaming guy face to face, and a seat beside him at the computer during the 3rd live stream so he could see the count for himself- if she was lying about her numbers??? I can't think of a single promoter that would grant such access if they were lying. I can't even think of another promoter who would allow a member of the media inside the production truck to watch and document anything and everything they were doing, especially the numbers of a stream- which would prohibit them from lying about how big it was in the media. She will be expected to back up her words about their numbers with documented proof as programming offers continue to come in and the last thing anyone will ever hear about this girl is that she lies because her track record reeks of the exact opposite. I'm kinda pissed that Ben had this kind of access and didn't bring someone with him who did understand what they were looking at, reading and watching as it unfolded. It should have been taken more seriously as it is something promoters don't typically allow, plus there were many questions about the previously reported/disclosed figures. IMO, what Ben did was like being audited by an IRS agent who really doesn't understand tax forms that well, not to mention that he failed to get enough info to even settle our bet:) And FWIW, you already know I have seen the report because I shared that on the bet thread. If what she personally told me and what was released the media didn't match the numbers detailed in the report I wouldn't simply go along with it to win a $100 bet with you. The only number that wasn't "in the same ballpark" was her tweet that 200k were trying to log on at the same time (during 2nd show, causing the stream to crash per her stream guy). That number was rounded up from 179k by him when he updated her in the midst of chaos and I don't think that constitutes as her or him "lying" considering the sitch.   Cindy