White: I guarantee I will make Silva say yes to Jones

by Matt Erickson and John Morgan | source: The Underground Blog

Saturday night UFC Middleweight champion Anderson Silva won once again in spectacular fashion, moving up to Lightheavyweight to stop Stephan Bonnar. It was his 16th consecutive UFC win.

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Who's next?

Silva has said any number of ways that the answer is not UFC Lightheavyweight champion Jon Jones.

"This is not something I would like to happen because the times I've seen Jon Jones, he's also mentioned that he would not like to fight," said Silva recently. "We are UFC employees. I wouldn't like for this to happen because in our team, we have 'Minotauro', we have 'Feijao', we have 'Caldeirao' (Wagner Prado)... We have athletes in his division that can fight him. And I'm old. I'm getting old, guys."

He reaffirmed the position, post fight.

“No, I’m not going to fight at 205 again,” said Silva. “I fought at 205 to save the event. I fight at 185 pounds. I was just doing this to save the event and put on a show for everybody.”

In a blog in ESPN last week Silva said the fight he wants is GSP.

"I have two or three fights left in my career," blogged Silva. "After Saturday, my focus will be Georges St-Pierre."

There are obstacles to a GSP fight. First is GSP, who is coming off a long injury. The Canadian has said repeatedly that a move to middleweight would be permanent given his physiology, and that won't happen until, at the least, he has reestablished his dominance of the welterweight division. Second is the fans, who are more enthusiastic by far, about Silva vs. Jones than they are about Silva vs. GSP.

And third is UFC President Dana White, who holds Silva in the highest regard. "I think he's the greatest fighter in any combat sport," said White. "It's an honor to watch this guy fight."

And White wants to see Silva fight Jones.

“I think the Jon Jones fight is a big fight. I know my man says 'No, no, no,'" said White said at the UFC 153 post-fight press conference. "But the amount of money that would be offered for that fight, I guarantee you I will make Anderson Silva say, 'Yes, yes, yes.'"


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AJS19ad6 site profile image  

10/16/12 10:43 AM by AJS19ad6

Seriously. Make Silva vs Jones as headliner and GSP vs Diaz as co main event and that's your potential Dallas stadium event...But we all know that won't happen.. :(

bryanand site profile image  

10/16/12 9:35 AM by bryanand

What could the UFC afford to offer both guys to make them say yes but still turn a profit on the event?12 million to each?I would be fine with a boxing level undercard to have this fight.

Dirty_Boxer site profile image  

10/16/12 8:12 AM by Dirty_Boxer

I'd say Dana White can make it happen. Plus Silva's reasoning sounds a lot like what Sonnen used to say before moving up to LHW. He'd take care of the middle and Hendo would take care of LHW. Given a reason, he switched and given a reason Silva will change his mind too. Plus poor Prado doesn't look like he's up to the challenge and Big Nog must be retiring soon.

Snakey site profile image  

10/16/12 8:04 AM by Snakey

look at 36 sec mark, he says he thinks its easyier to make 205 than 185, at 34 secs he says HE HAS MORE AGILITY, MORE SPEED at 205.Regarding better I am not getting into an argument over a simple word.He is implying he is better. Fans are not stupid. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5EsMyCEQmzw&t=34s

VitorSuckedBonesToes site profile image  

10/16/12 3:05 AM by VitorSuckedBonesToes

It'll never happen, nor will GSP.

stonepony site profile image  

10/16/12 2:22 AM by stonepony

I'm sorry kingofbjj... If you believe DW has any interest in seeing his golden-boy lose, you're just not very bright.

EatMyRashGuard site profile image  

10/16/12 1:51 AM by EatMyRashGuard

GSP is not going to take the fight against Silva. I can only imagine GSP sitting around watching Silva vs Bonnar and thinking "ehhhh...if he can cripple a big LHW with a knee to the body...if he hit me with that...." Better chance that you will see OSP vs Silva. GSP is by far and away the current UFC PPV king so everyone can jump on Silva's sack for demolishing a guy he opened as a 13.5-1 favorite on but the fact is that GSP is still the UFC's golden boy.

If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much site profile image  

10/16/12 12:50 AM by If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much

I disagree with the vast majority of your post fighting. WTF would Bones fight Weidman and if the majority of the fighters in UFC can't fight, who can?With that being said, I agree there is a big gap difference between Jones and rest of 205 and Silva and rest of 185.I still think we will see GSP vs Anderson first and the reason is it's a sure fire 1 mil + PPV buys and can sell out a stadium. Have Anderson fight GSP right away and let bones get 1-2 more big wins. He can fight Sonnen and winner of Gustafsson/Rua. By that time Silva vs GSP would of happened and build up both names a bit more.If the have Jones vs Silva it basically throws away the GSP vs Silva match because if Jones beats Silva it takes away from Silva and if Silva wins, who will want to see him fight the 170lb champ? If he takes easier fight first it will just make the Jones vs Silva fight bigger.

Fabefromfort site profile image  

10/15/12 9:31 PM by Fabefromfort

Just a couple things here. Anderson could well be the greatest MMA fighter of all time, but, at this point it really doesn't mean much. There hasn't been many fighters that can fight, period in the history of the world, no less. Anderson and Bones Jones are literally in a league of their own since inception because there isn't anybody that knows how to fight at that level. Everyone is badly deficient somewhere. Many are deficient in many areas, and most shouldn't even be fighting, I think. That is how bad they are as fighters. I've always maintained that Bonnar is no fighter, and neither is Forrest Griffin, yet there they are, at the top of the heap in the light heavy's fighting big events. That tells you how poor the UFC fighters are, as fighters. Anderson has spent a lifetime in the gym fighting. What chance does Bonnar have ? He can't even throw a proper punch, duck properly, or stand properly, and even if he lands, it has nothing on it. He's fodder for just about anybody, and the Sivla fight showed how bad a UFC main event guy can be. I'm just glad I made plans to watch the baseball game that night, and a great decision it was, as I watched the Yanks go down in a classic to Detroit. There is still only three or four guys in the UFC that can fight. Bones, GSP, and Silva. All the rest are severely lacklustre. Which is what it really is like. It's akin to a Pro Boxer fighting Amateurs. No more fights for me til Bones fights either Weidman or Silva.

Winston Wolf site profile image  

10/15/12 8:11 PM by Winston Wolf

good post vtfu