Latest attempt at stupid MMA comes to Arizona casino


Human beings are innately inventive. Someone invents the wheel and give it some time, the world has 1,000,000,000 automobiles.

Human beings have an inherent drive to see who can beat who in a physical fight. Thus was MMA born, from our DNA.

Human beings, many of them, are also naturally stupid. When something world-changing comes along, they take it in a stupid direction.

Thus MMA has been dragged in some stupid directions. Past examples include:

Tag Team MMA

Three man MMA lite



Midget MMA

The latest attempt at stupid MMA is in Arizona - two-on-two MMA fights.

The rules would never be okayed by the Arizona Boxing Commission, or any legitimate regulatory body, but fights at the Paradise Casino are on tribal land and overseen by a gaming commission. Promoter Chance Farrar managed to persuade them that this was legitimate.

Rules include:
•Unified Rules, with no elbows, no knees, and no limit on the number of rounds.
•Three weight classes - lightweight (-350 pounds), middleweight (-425 pounds), and heavyweight (-500 pounds).
•BUT, weights are for the two-man team combined, so theoretically a 300 pound and 125 pound fighter could be matched just in the middleweight division.
•Two referees.
•One minute rest when a fighter is stopped by RSC or tapout, then the fight resumes until one fighter remains.

In an interview with MMAJunkie, Farrar defended the effort.

"We started trying it in the gym, and it's been successful," Farrar said. "It's nothing short of controlled chaos, but exciting. You can't predict what's going to happen."

"This fight does not last. That's why I'm bringing it to Desert Rage. I think the fans want to see it."

"People are trying to pawn it off as some kind of gang fight. That's not the case. The people fighting at this time are … the lower level guys that are crazy enough to attempt it.

"I'm a huge MMA fan and the last thing I want to do is bring anything less than pride to this sport. But I do believe that there's a lot of merit, and it's definitely not a tag-team. People want to paint it as a sideshow. That's definitely not the case. This is a serious fight, and there's a lot of team aspects that are added that are exciting."

"In our opinion, it's actually safer than a one-on-one fight. There's no elevated risk to the fighters. There's no blow that they could sustain in a two-on-two that they couldn't sustain in a one-on-one."

That is just stupid.

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mister3mma site profile image  

10/22/12 5:22 AM by mister3mma


simonpe site profile image  

10/22/12 2:45 AM by simonpe


G-Hands site profile image  

10/22/12 1:01 AM by G-Hands

fuck that 2 on 1 shit.Glad for two things:1. The fighters acted with reasonable honor when it became 2-12. The corner threw in the towel when it became a gang up situation.That said, the concept of this remains atrocious & bad for the sport.

youarewhatiswrong site profile image  

10/22/12 12:13 AM by youarewhatiswrong

I need binoculars to watch this video.And this is clearly evidence that John McCain was right, we cannot conduct ourselves as adults, MMA is legalized human cockfighting.Way to go, guys.

Harmon Whistler site profile image  

10/21/12 7:36 PM by Harmon Whistler


William Colosimo site profile image  

10/21/12 7:36 PM by William Colosimo

Someone posted a video here a week or so ago that was a 2 on 2 (well, tag team) match. The end of that fight was 2 on 2. Interesting stuff, I enjoyed it

Harmon Whistler site profile image  

10/21/12 7:34 PM by Harmon Whistler

Check out the vid at the top of the page when you get to a computer - it happened yesterday.

Ronin_jutsuka site profile image  

10/21/12 7:29 PM by Ronin_jutsuka

If this happens, we can kiss every positive step forward our sport has made goodbye.

ryant0987 site profile image  

10/21/12 7:14 PM by ryant0987

It won't play for me :(

Kings21 site profile image  

10/21/12 6:22 PM by Kings21

I dunno. A bus driver uppercutting a loudmouth violent bitch will be hard to top.