Trainer: Chael had no idea, will be biggest fight in history

source: bleacherreport

Tuesday night Lance Pugmire from announced that UFC Lightheavyweight champion Jon Jones would face challenger Chael Sonnen on April 27, 2013, following a season as opposing coaches on the 17th season of The Ultimate Fighter.

Initial fan reaction was split, not so much from fan to fan as within each fan - most people thought simultaneously that A. It would be a highly entertaining series, and B. Who did Sonnen beat to earn a shot at the Lightheavyweight title?

Among the surprised was Chael Sonnen, according to his trainer.

"It was a surprise to me," Sonnen's head trainer Scott McQuary told Bleacher Report."And I just talked to Chael a few minutes ago and it was a surprise to him too. I had just walked out of the movie Here Comes The Boom, and one of my students left me a message saying call me right now, Chael's made The Ultimate Fighter.

"I called him and he's like 'yea, I just found out myself. I didn't know. We had no idea this offer was going to be on the table.'"

"We had just started our training for him (Griffin) last week. Chael's been fairly consistent with his training, but we hadn't been 100 percent focused until this last week. Cheal told me a contract was signed, so we felt up until this morning, the fight was happening."

"I think Chael deserves this opportunity because he's the best there is out there. He puts butts in the seats. It has to be a combination of putting the two best people together who actually draw the biggest crowd."

"I think with the buildup, The Ultimate Fighter and everything that goes with what I've seen with TUF, I think this will be promoted in such a way. The UFC has a long time to get this promoted and built up. I think this will be the biggest fight in history."

"I anticipate that it will be (best TUF season). I think you are going to get more people watching than ever, that's for sure. I mean you have two of the biggest personalities in MMA, well at least one of them, who is definitely going to speak what's on his mind."

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mugatu site profile image  

10/17/12 10:12 PM by mugatu

Im not thrilled with this decision. Why isn't Gustaffson in the conversation for a title shot?

Fabefromfort site profile image  

10/17/12 9:38 PM by Fabefromfort

NO NO NO. Do NOT BUY THIS FIGHT. IT WILL ONLY MAKE THEM SEND US MORE SHIT DOWN THE ROAD.ESPECIALLY IF YOU KEEP PAYING FOR SHIT LIKE THIS ! We want fights. Weidman-Silva, Jones=Silva, Jones-Weidman..anything that'll be competitive. I want to see fights..not washouts. I am officially boycotting until such time as you put a fight up.

UGCTT_LnPninja site profile image  

10/17/12 8:33 PM by UGCTT_LnPninja


SonofJockstrap site profile image  

10/17/12 8:12 PM by SonofJockstrap

Filho was #1 or #2 at middleweight depending on who you asked and the finish was disputable. Sonnen also defeated him 2 fights later. Maia went on to face the champion 3 fights later. Sonnen's losses in the last 5 years are all quality losses, so are his wins.

UGCTT_LnPninja site profile image  

10/17/12 7:21 PM by UGCTT_LnPninja

Is this the same head trainer that just got pinched for some sort of fraud?   If so his words here are

SQUEEZIE site profile image  

10/17/12 7:17 PM by SQUEEZIE

vlad and jake solid solid wrestlers too. that british dude made it difficult to take him down and took chael down. even damien tossed him on his head.

Mike Litoris site profile image  

10/17/12 1:57 PM by Mike Litoris

The ultimate fighter is going to go like this. Chael talks some shit, and then gets KTFO'D when they fight. Then he takes back all the shit he said when interviewed by Rogan.

le site profile image  

10/17/12 1:36 PM by le

Sonnen has the same chance Bonnar had against Silva. Telling yourself otherwise just because you might like Chael is foolish.

SunnyKO'd my SN site profile image  

10/17/12 1:09 PM by SunnyKO'd my SN

Hahaha, "biggest fight in the history". That's just swell. What advantages does Chael actually bring to this fight? Size? hmm no. Reach? lolno. Wrestling? Absolutely not. Striking? Omfg, you're killing me with these jokes Seriously, this is a comical mismatch, and has NO value for the sport whatsoever, the only ones who like this fight are Chael, because he's gonna make another couple of millions, Dana/Zuffa, because he wants a bump in the TUF-viewership, and nobody else. All the other fighters are shaking their heads in disbelief, and I am sure Jon Jones is as well, as are a lot of the fans.   Chael isn't even a 205'er. He isn't even RANKED in that division, he hasn't FOUGHT anybody in that division. He is also coming off a LOSS.   And Zuffa knows that, they just eye dollars. I for one, will NOT be watching TUF (I never do though), and I will not be paying for the fight. No sense in griping about it though, the decision has been made, I don't control the matchups, I just think this is a big joke. There are still other great fights to be made.

hurricanehugo site profile image  

10/17/12 12:31 PM by hurricanehugo

Sonnen is dead man walking.