FX exec: TUF moving to another night

by Chris Palmquist | source: The Underground

Today on a media call to announce the casting of Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen as coaches for the next Ultimate Fighter, an executive from the FX network, Chuck Safter, revealed that the show will move to another day of the week.

The show has been broadcast on Fridays for the first two seasons on FX, but ratings have been lower than expected. The actual  new day the show will broadcast is expected to be announced in the next thirty to forty-five days.

Safter warned that Spike better 'watch it's ass' and they expect good ratings for the best casted TUF ever. It is likely that a better time slot and the casting of Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen will most certainly increase the ratings.

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MMALOGIC site profile image  

10/20/12 9:31 AM by MMALOGIC

I hope not... it needs to be moved to saturdays so it's consistent with the other live UFC events on fx (ppv prelims). and consisent with the fox shows.  with absorbing SF, the UFC has the ability to put on a weekly fight night series. 14 ppv prelims 8 fx fight nights (6 fight nights and 2 tuf finales) 6 fuel fight nights 4 fox fight nights 6 SF events (rumored to be absorbed into the UFC) 14 ppv events that can replay for free ________________________ That's 52 live or premium UFC events that can air at a consistent time (8pm) on a consistent night (saturday) and on a consistent network (FX).  The UFC needs to be consistent and accessible to build the audience.  Everyone will know saturday night is UFC night.  the UFC will own saturday nights. the prelims could air on fuel or better yet FS1 (currently called the speed channel), which is available in 82 million homes. With tuf on a better night it will build more stars and traffic you can funnel to the saturday night fights.  from the saturday night fight nights you build contenders and ppv stars.

MMALOGIC site profile image  

10/20/12 9:12 AM by MMALOGIC

you really think tuesday night...  fx is gonna lead into tuf with justified and sons of anarchy?  The tuesday rumor is suspect to me and i think it was put out there to mess with spike.  here's why: They are debuting in january instead of the usual march.    This tells me they are either going to one season a year format or the second season will be in the summer because you cant have a finale in december and a premiere in january... not enough time to give the viewers a break. so i believe tuf is being moved to one season a year or the second seaason will be in the summer and they dont want to tip their hand yet to spike.  Im leaning towards the latter (2nd season being in the summer) because if it was just once a year they would have kept the debut in march as usal.  Now they have a break before a possible second season in the summer. I believe it's gonna be wednesday night at 10pm...  FX has nothing on wednesday nights in the winter and summer seasons.  a december finale and january premiere makes no sense... having justified as a lead in for the winter season and having no lead in for a possible summer season also makes no sense. to me having 2 seasons premiering in mid january and  the second in mid june on consistent and open night like wednesday 10pm makes alot of sense.

luctaro site profile image  

10/20/12 7:46 AM by luctaro

Are Fight Nights still on Fridays btw?

MMALOGIC site profile image  

10/18/12 9:55 AM by MMALOGIC

because they are moving a tanking program like tuf to a better timeslot on one of the highest rated networks in the country...  with the new national sports channel fox is launching (fs1) they need to make the ufc work. with the tuf move, speed channel being rebranded to fs1, fox producing and airing countdowns for the fight nights that air on big Fox and they are also talking about having a ufc card on big fox after a big sunday football game. Will all these moves and changes you've gotta be bullish on this fox deal now.  chalk this first year up as a mulligan.

MMALOGIC site profile image  

10/18/12 9:47 AM by MMALOGIC

what?  when did i say tuf was a good idea on friday nights?  I said form the beggining a reality show will not work on a friday night... I said the only thing that would work is a weekly fight night series (a real live sporting event).  if FX wont give the UFC another night that's the only product that would make friday nights work. I think that's what FX really wanted from the beggining so they buried tuf there in the hopes of trying to get rid of it and replaced with what they did want.  it seems in the end they both may have gotten what they wanted...   Dana alluded to them changing the game once again in 2 years...  FX could have agreed to a 2 year window where they would move tuf to a better night in return for the UFC transitioning into a weekly fight night series during that time. FX wants to be HBO not spike.  the reality show doesnt fit their network.  I give tuf 2 more years on fx, unless they repackage it successfully so it feels more like the contender.  Now if the UFC can move the fuel content to FS1  this fox deal will turn from disaster to probably one of the best decisions they've made.

MMALOGIC site profile image  

10/18/12 9:17 AM by MMALOGIC

This was the biggest news of the entire discussion...  moving tuf to a better night has more long term impact than the short term ppv bump of jones/chael.  They needed to do whatever was necessary short of bringing kimbo back, to get tuf on a better night. Now all they have to do is get back to the numbers tuf was pulling on spike and they'll be golden.  After the Jones/Chael season if they can get back to their baseline numbers they had on spike the initial dream that once was can be realized. Once tuf numbers go up, fight night and ppv prelims on fx will go up and the domino effect will continue with numbers on big fox going back up and to the eventual FS1 (speed channel) move.

fightharder site profile image  

10/18/12 7:06 AM by fightharder

Now they are picking fights with the little leagues. Fox was suppose to lift the UFC to another level. Instead they relegated them the little league. How can you not get cynical about this deal so far.

Rickmeister site profile image  

10/17/12 7:32 PM by Rickmeister

It won't do much better. The reason is not the time slot. People have just seen it all. The last 14 seasons were pretty repetitive. Most people just dvr that shit and skip to the fight.

ChaosOverkill site profile image  

10/17/12 7:26 PM by ChaosOverkill

No I know that, Dana was asked about Friday during last TUF and I seem to remember him downplaying the Friday slot and saying no it had nothig to do with the lowere ratings

MattyECB site profile image  

10/17/12 7:25 PM by MattyECB

Somone's been livin in a hole lol They've been bitching about he Friday slot since the first TUF was moved their with the new network