Korea's Road FC prez lashes out at UFC

by Jung Min-ho | source: koreatimes.co.kr

Road Fighting Championship President Jung Mun-hong said the UFC is “cheap” for taking domestic talent without providing appropriate compensation to the organizations where the fighters honed their skills.

During a recent interview with The Korea Times, Jung expressed his frustration over losing former Road FC bantamweight champion Kang Kyung-ho to UFC after he signed a contract with the world’s biggest MMA organization in July. The 25-year-old won the Korean outfit’s inaugural title.

“Do you know how much of our resources we spend to discover and develop talent? It was a great loss for us,” Jung said. “However, Kang really wanted to go, so I let him, even though UFC didn’t pay anything to our organization.”

Jung said the harsh logic of capitalism is pervasive in the sport where UFC dominates noting, “They use their reputation to recruit talent, while the talent-builders like us get nothing.”

Korea has produced many top-class fighters such as Kim Dong-hyun and Jung Chan-sung, proving it has a wealth of talent. However, many young athletes do not have many opportunities to fight and develop in Korea. Jung said providing such chances to young fighters was the biggest motivation in starting Road FC.

“I really believe Korean fighters have great potential on the international stage. With a constant talent drain for nothing, however, it’s really tough to keep the domestic scene competitive,” Jung said. “But we have definitely made some progress over the past two years and now we are ready to revive the sport’s past glory here.”

Road FC is the largest MMA organization in Korea following the closure of Spirit MC in 2009.

“I think we have an edge in terms of having a better understanding about Asian culture. And I will stand up to high-handedness of the rich U.S. counterpart,” Jung said. “Let’s see how successful Korean talent can be without relying on the reputation of UFC.”

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Steve4192 site profile image  

10/18/12 11:09 PM by Steve4192

The vast majority of local/regional promoters let their guys move up when they get called by the big show.  It is in their best interest to move guys up to the UFC.  The more guys they place in the big show, the more attractive they are to the next batch of prospects working their way up the ranks.  Everyone wants to fight for a promotion that has a direct line to Joe Silva's bat phone.  No one wants to fight for a promotion that hasn't graduated anyone to the UFC.

MartialArtsMixed site profile image  

10/18/12 11:01 PM by MartialArtsMixed

From what I understand Kang was still under contract with road FC but Kang wanted to fight in the UFC so bad the president just let him go from his contract. I doubt any other small orgs would let their champ go, speaks a lot about this guys heart .

Family Jules site profile image  

10/18/12 8:35 PM by Family Jules

What a fuckin cry baby. This is business, deal with it. As a CEO, if shit like this happens, adapt and protect ur interests for next time. No need to get all butthurt lolBut, there's no use explaining shit to this clown. Koreans are some of the most irrational and stubborn people. PS. Congrats to the fighter Kang Kyung-Ho on his UFC contract. I hope he doesnt give a dime to Road FC

NAAFS site profile image  

10/18/12 8:20 PM by NAAFS

100% agree

OnlyTheStrongSurvive site profile image  

10/18/12 7:16 PM by OnlyTheStrongSurvive

If he starts signing guys to ridiculous contracts he will quickly stop signing the top talent. Nobody wants to stay in these feeder shows

CRE site profile image  

10/18/12 7:07 PM by CRE

Nothing reflects more positively on ROAD FC than the UFC recruiting directly from them and they should be happy that they were able to provide the opportunity for these guys to gain the necessary experience to build themselves to the level of a UFC caliber athlete/fighter.MMA is a global sport now and the UFC is the greatest platform available to MMA fighters.Now fans can watch Road FC and realize they could be watching future UFC contenders, that's a compliment to Road FC.

time traveling 12er site profile image  

10/18/12 7:00 PM by time traveling 12er

It works both ways. Smaller shows get to use the UFC name when signing UFC washouts and no money goes to the UFC. I'd say smaller shows benefit more than the UFC does from this arrangement. But reciprocity is huge in Korean culture so I get why he'd be pissed about it.

victorchensky site profile image  

10/18/12 6:58 PM by victorchensky

No use arguing with Koreans, the dudes are as ridiculous as the broads. He says this shit but, you can bet your ass he is just hating because, he isn't in the same position. If he was the he would talk about how great he is and how everything he does is right.

victorchensky site profile image  

10/18/12 6:58 PM by victorchensky


victorchensky site profile image  

10/18/12 6:58 PM by victorchensky

Sorry triple