Miesha: If a woman hits a man, he can hit her back

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Prior to their March fight, Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate engaged in pre fight trash talk so pointed that the night before the fight Tate's boyfriend UFC fighter Bryan Caraway was dragged into the mix, kicking and screaming.

Rousey had appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience BLOG #15 and, laughing, said "I want to fight Miesha next, and then after that I want to fight her boyfriend. When asked if she really thought she could beat Caraway, Rousey said yes, twice.

When asked on Twitter about the comments, Caraway was intially light hearted, but was goaded into more bitter replies.

Who would win in an Mma fight, @rondarousey or @BryanCaraway ? Bookies have #Ronda as a 3-1 fav

thats honestly a joke an a publicity stunt! It would be no comparison I could use 1 arm seriously lol

Rousey says she can kick ur ass. Would u ever fight her?

that was just a publicity stunt. Guys and girls arent = I would knock her head off w 1 arm or choke her, not a real question

you like stomping on women? that's classy. @RondaRousey is going to break your girlfriends arm. lolz!

and if she wants to challenge a man I'll knock her teeth dwn her throat the break her arm!

you shouldn't be such a misogynist. If you can't handle a girl poking fun at you, you have esteem issues.

‏ @BryanCaraway
haven't said a word in weeks but she really believes she can compete w a man she better realize

are you the Chris brown of mma? Fight @CMPunk he isn't down for women hitters

‏ @BryanCaraway
oh I dnt hit Women! But she not a women. She gonna act like a dude she can deal w the consequences.

dana will drop your ass for threatening a woman

I just said if she wanted to COMPETE against me that's what would happen

The issue resurfaced earlier this week. Tate was happily twittering along like normal:

Miesha Tate ‏@MieshaTate
Twitter > Facebook
Cupcakes > Cookies
Vanilla > Chocolate
Strong > Skinny
#ImAttractedTo Face Punching
MMA > boxing
Water > soda
Hot > Cold
Humble > Cocky

Suddendly a weird, English troll follower - or worse someone so befuddled they act like a troll in advertently - interjected himself.

Edward Macintyre ‏@edwardethan

Edward Macintyre ‏@edwardethan
Why did Carraway say he would beat a woman? My 7 year old boy just asked me

What followed was a back and forth in which Tate strongly advocated a little made arguement for sexual equality - if a woman hits a man, she deserves to be hit back.

Miesha Tate ‏@MieshaTate
when a woman steps up to a man she should be treated as an equal, no discrimination

Miesha Tate ‏@MieshaTate
I think if she slaps u, u should b able 2 slap her back 100% its dumb 2 say a woman can but a man can't

Edward Macintyre ‏@edwardethan
Looks like I am beating my wife tonight. She beats me so its fair

Miesha Tate ‏@MieshaTate
if your wife beats you up it's not any more right for a woman to hit a man, why is this acceptable??

Edward Macintyre ‏@edwardethan
A man should never lay a hand on a woman and anyone who threatens a woman is pathetic. Tell Bryan to become a Man.

Miesha Tate ‏@MieshaTate
I disagree, I think women who hide behind being a girl, they hit or talk crap to men & think it's ok 4 them butnot 4 man

Miesha Tate ‏@MieshaTate
I am all for equality, women should be treated equally in every aspect so if a women punches a man then he can punch her back

Miesha Tate ‏@MieshaTate
I hate double standards, I've worked all my life to break away from double standards, they work both ways for men and women

Laura Luella ‏@discoremixx
I love you Miesha and I'm a huge fan but I disagree. The only time this would be acceptable is in a ring.

Miesha Tate ‏@MieshaTate
no think about it, why can women act out in violence & let their tempors fly? Why is it ok for a woman to hit?

Miesha TateVerified ‏@MieshaTate
hell no I would never fight a man, that's my point I would never challenge a man ever bc it's idiotic

Miesha Tate ‏@MieshaTate
My point is society needs to stop putting double standards that it's ok for a woman to challenge/hit a man & he can do or say NOTHING

Edward Macintyre ‏@edwardethan
Those standards are there for a reason. A woman is physically weaker than a man. They need it for protection.

Miesha Tate ‏@MieshaTate
people have brains 4 a reason women & men, use yours. Women don't need protection these days that's what the law is 4 not men

Edward Macintyre ‏@edwardethan
Then go in a ring with a male fighter at your weight. I guarantee that you will be defeated.

Miesha TateVerified ‏@MieshaTate
it needs 2 b straight across the board, no hitting or calling out from a man 2 a woman or a woman to a man it's the same WRONG

Miesha TateVerified ‏@MieshaTate
your missing the point, the point is principle, a woman should know she is weaker there for WHY hit a man/challenge him?

Miesha TateVerified ‏@MieshaTate
It goes against nature 4 a woman 2 challenge a man physically period! In the wild if a lioness challenged a lion he'd eat her

Miesha TateVerified ‏@MieshaTate
don't pick a fight you don't think you can win& if you DO then be ready 4 all consequences

GodKing Breeze ‏@jbrown13
@edwardethan you completely misunderstand what her point is lol

Edward Macintyre ‏@edwardethan
Wrong. I asked whether it was right to hit a woman. This whole convo started from that.

Miesha TateVerified ‏@MieshaTate
yet another lie, look ur a troll Buddy we got it! Thns 4 the follow & helping prove me point, wrong is wrong male or female @edwardethan

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Onnie804yamsaki site profile image  

10/23/12 5:52 PM by Onnie804yamsaki

And dus10 must be trollin, if you could control big bertha type women so easy.mentally this convo and these amazing videos would not exist. He obviously has never gotten out of the basement and seen the range of woman out there. Women drunk and crazy enough to get ina big dudes face and assault him are not just going to sit down because of something you say or some mind game. Most are so incoherent and nuts nothinh is cooling them down but a falcin punch and time.But i prob just responded to a troll. And on a side note does rousey really think pro males she trains with are hitting or fighting even sevent five percent. Look at the tito vs cyborg roll she is going all out trying to slam him and he is going like slow as shit and five percent using no aggression and strength and easily fends off everything.but dumbasses reallh thought it was legit and they are unable to recognize effort and compare men and women fighting by sighg. They just go by what ronda does to other women and think.she could throw and finish anyone like that. Once again even the lowest lvl men cant get away with zombie walk to clinch.holy frats.

Onnie804yamsaki site profile image  

10/23/12 5:43 PM by Onnie804yamsaki

Caraway would crush rousey in a fight so easy. I woukd like to see it happen just cauxe she honestly thinks she can win. Bwing the best female fighter has inflated her ego too much. She is crazy if she thinks.she can even beat a low level pro mma fighter that is male. Those saying rousey would win dont kniw shit and have never trained. Yes she is amazingly skilled but you cant zombie walk in on a male.pro. she would get dropped and if she tried to clinxh and takehim down it woukd be laughable.I have no clud how you can believe otherwise.caraway got a raw deal for his honest answers. Is a pro male fighter supposed to bow and say yes shs would win. Ronda was truly upset he said he would win and believes her position as the top female pro solidifies her fighting level over any non top ten make. This is misguided and she deserves the fight because if you can say that with the conviction she did you musy expect people to not believe it until she does it. I mean really have you seen her.fight compared to even a local flyweight pro.i am sure there are amateur men at fly that would crush her. Those who train know i have seen incredible women who trained bjj for years which is an art where size means less than striking and wrestling and they got tooled by athletic white belt men who just started. Shit my most awkward moments rollinh where tapping one of the female purples.who taught a couple yeara ago after four weeks of training.I know.ronda is better than any women out there but she is just that a women. Imagine her zombie walkiny in on caraway or even someone as small as dodson. It would be so ugly and brutal.I really dislike her for the carawah comments. She doesnt get most of her comments she thinks are dead serious are taken as zoinks how crazy. But she is dead seriius enough to say yes twice with a dead cereal face.plz dana make it happen.And wasnt lazy backing these commengs then says never hit a girl. Well.if you think the gap betwee women and men profighting is so close you cant really not expect an average man to handle every bug bertha easily enough to not resort to violence and on the same breath say ronda would beat caraway. Aoki.has a better chance of beating jds than that load if shit.

KingOfFighters site profile image  

10/22/12 2:42 AM by KingOfFighters

She's stupid if she thinks she can hang with dudes because they take it easy on her during sparring. I've never put myself in a position to hit a girl, with that being said I think i'd only hit a crazy ghetto black woman that i'd have to neutralize, or shoryuken to get them off of me.

Brabo Ben site profile image  

10/22/12 2:39 AM by Brabo Ben

A woman hit me over the head with a stiletto once thinking i was someone i wasnt (drunkenly) so i was forced to use the open palm slap to smack the stupid out of her, stopped her from sinking that thing in to me again.

rawr site profile image  

10/22/12 2:20 AM by rawr

I think anyone who has even the slightest training can basically control your adversary whether its male or female. I personally go straight for a basic step leg trip, land in full mount and go for an arm triangle. Or also Kimuras work like a charm.Also, if that's clearly not working.. The single warning rule is pretty fair. After that, you've done your best to ensure an unneeded trip to the dentist was possibly avoided.

jaytrainwreck site profile image  

10/22/12 1:20 AM by jaytrainwreck

I think it's better to just avoid hitting women.

HexRei site profile image  

10/21/12 6:43 PM by HexRei

Filing complaints against officers can be a scary thing. The blue wall is a real thing that many officers observe.

ribz site profile image  

10/21/12 6:29 PM by ribz


ribz site profile image  

10/21/12 6:21 PM by ribz