Cormier: Fight with Jones is inevitable


Cormier and Jones have been linked to each other recently in the press, specifically after Jones shot down rumors of him coaching opposite the former Olympian, due to his "relatively unknown" status.

Apparently, the two fighters came into contact with each other recently. According to Cormier, "Bones" let him know that a fight between the two of them has been on his mind:

"At the Chael Sonnen fight, he walked up and got to his seat, and he asked me, 'Hey, are you going to 205?' I said, 'Yeah, we're gonna have to fight.' He goes, 'Good, cuz I'm ready for you.' So, obviously, this is a fight that he actually thinks about. But, I guess it just doesn't work for him, right now."

Though he currently resides at 265 pounds, the relative newcomer to sport of MMA believes that he will eventually make the move down to light heavyweight, and when he does, he sees a fight versus Jones as a foregone conclusion:

"I do. I think eventually, it's bound to happen. Obviously, this guy mentions me and talks about how I don't have enough followers on Twitter to coach The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) with him. So, you guys, get on Twitter and follow 'DC.' But, yeah, I think it'll happen eventually. It's a fight that people want to say, and I think it'll definitely happen.

Realistically, it would take some time. I think, six months. Because I would have to adjust my lifestyle. I'd be dieting and continuing my training. I would have to be real focused and real serious to do it."

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Winston Wolf site profile image  

10/22/12 4:08 PM by Winston Wolf

voted up .good post

Fly Rodder site profile image  

10/22/12 3:34 PM by Fly Rodder

When he's on a scale at 205 and completes a fight, I'll gauge his chances in a 205 title fight. Making 211 eight years ago isn't making 205 in six months. Also, he won't look nearly as fast when he's fighting guys at 205 as he does fighting plodders like Barnett and Bigfoot Silva. Different weight classes, different fighters.People can dream on him all they want, but he needs fights at 205 starting now if he wants a title fight in the next two years.

Winston Wolf site profile image  

10/22/12 2:06 PM by Winston Wolf

hes older fatter and 6 more pounds to lose also if he couldnt do 211 for Olympics u think he can now fight at 205 ? PS this isnt a wrestling match anyways

SinCityHustler site profile image  

10/22/12 1:41 PM by SinCityHustler

Key here being "doing it right".  Sure, if Cormier refuses to actually lose fat weight and tries to simply cut the water out at the last minute, I don't think anyone expects him to perform well at 205, no matter who his opponent is.  Where i think things have changed is that he had a very serious medical issue at the Olympics because he did do it wrong and his body shut down.  He's talked about this numerous times and I for one would think his eyes have opened up and his health is important enough to do things right.    And as to him being a different fighter at 205 than at 238, I agree.  We would likely see a lighter, faster, more well conditioned, and stronger per pound fighter than we've previously seen.  This of course assuming he removes the dead weight and comes in lean and feeling good from changing his body composition in a positive manner.  I guess that's where the disagreement lies.  Some feel he can and will do it, others don't.    Wiggum:  Cormier got a bit cocky leading up to the Olympics and ate very poorly/relied on the huge water cut to make his weight, as opposed to actually taking the wieght off the right way.  There's an interview floating around, wish I could find it, where he's riding in a van with other members of the US Team and is eating junk food while others make serious efforts at doing it right.  I would have to believe he learned his lesson. 

wiggum site profile image  

10/21/12 8:34 AM by wiggum

I don't think DC will fear Jones' power. Jones is a great fighter, but neither his kicks nor his punches pack much of a wallop. The big fight question doesn't really matter. DC has been competing on a huge stage his entire life. In his two 'big' fights, he has absolutely shined. No reason to think he wouldn't again.DC made 211 with no problem many times, including when he made the Olympic team. I forget the story behind the last cut, but something prevented him from doing it right (it may have been his own discipline, but it may have been an injury - I genuinely forget). There's no reason to think he can't do it again. And winston wolf: he was one of the, if not the, best wrestler on Earth at 211. No reason to think that if he does it right, he'll be too 'sucked out' to be elite.

raags site profile image  

10/21/12 6:12 AM by raags

Cormier weighed in at 238lbs in the Barnett fight. I could see him dieting down to 205-215lbs and cutting a tiny bit of weight...

Warzone209 site profile image  

10/21/12 6:06 AM by Warzone209

You really needed to hop on your alt account to post this lol?..

Strykr619 site profile image  

10/21/12 5:44 AM by Strykr619

How again is Cormier going to deal with the range AND deal with those kicks that you know are coming. Oh and that same length is also going to help in his takedown defense.  How many big time fights has DC had? How many has JBJ had? Also will DC make 205 without killing himself?  Cormier is talented but don't let the irrate hatred for Bones cloud your judgement.   

Winston Wolf site profile image  

10/21/12 5:02 AM by Winston Wolf

Cormier had major trouble making 211 he couldnt even compete in Olympics he was so sucked out from making the weight and now 12 years later hes going to make 205 and beat Jones ? not gunna happen and he wont ever step on scale at 205

Winston Wolf site profile image  

10/21/12 5:00 AM by Winston Wolf

when u lose a lot of weight u are what wrestlers called sucked out He wont have same strength,energy or staminia.If it was only 25 pounds ok hed be fine but we are talking 50 thats a lot and will negatively effect him Its no\t the 255 pound Cormier against 205 Jones