Jeremy Stephens: Out, innocent, and has a new video

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From: LilHeathen
Posted: 4 hours ago
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Thank you to all that support me and have continued you to support me. This situation was a mess and a total surprise. I had NOTHING to do with it. I'll get it cleared up asap and keep you all posted. Wish I could get a fight asap! I need it BAD!

Thank you all so much though!

-Jeremy "Lil Heathen" Stephens

Interview I did for the news in Des Moines, IA less than 24 hours ago.


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Hong Kong Phooey site profile image  

11/23/12 10:27 PM by Hong Kong Phooey


Atkinson site profile image  

10/21/12 8:52 AM by Atkinson

Learn all the meanings of "heathen" jerkwad.

YellowWrkedByTapIn site profile image  

10/21/12 5:14 AM by YellowWrkedByTapIn

Shut up, Warzone.

Warzone209 site profile image  

10/21/12 5:10 AM by Warzone209

  Who is trolling? read the police report and use your brain for a minute.  If you believe a dude named lil'heathen is innoncent of what the police report says then thats fine i bet you believe in the Easter bunny as well.  Is there even an interview where he discusses the night of the club fight? anything besides this interview of i can't control the courts so im just gonna train?... Most people wouldn't give a shit if it was 1v1 but 2v1ing some Non trained Jerk job is a touch much.  

YellowWrkedByTapIn site profile image  

10/21/12 4:47 AM by YellowWrkedByTapIn

  Warzone, I appreciate you. Your posts are so full of unintentional stupidity that it brings me joy to no end. Your attempts to troll and your inability to see how much you fail at it make me laugh, but for all the wrong reasons, of course.   But in some way, by making me feel emotions towards anything you've ever typed, it seems you've done your job. So, I want to thank you. Your posts have provided me hours of joy, and not because of their obvious goal, but because you're just so damn bad at it. 

Warzone209 site profile image  

10/21/12 4:32 AM by Warzone209

Somebody named Lil'Heathen claiming innoncense in a club fight i find that hard to believe.  I've stomped people out in clubs before and ran away because i was guilty and knew i'd be hemmed up point is guilty people run off.  Luckily for lil'heathen this curb stomp didn't take place in a hip hop club or we would be hearing Wurl Star and a small guy and his friend curb stomping some dude out and fleeing the scene.

Neil Funk site profile image  

10/21/12 2:43 AM by Neil Funk


gillyoteen site profile image  

10/21/12 1:17 AM by gillyoteen

what do you think about the official police report that was released to the media? The crime Stephens was arrested for reportedly occurred almost a year ago, on Oct. 15, 2011. According to police reports, the victim and his wife were at Fat Tony’s, 1500 SE 1st St., with Stephens and Dustin James Bachman, 27. The victim had reportedly been asked to leave the bar and was still in the parking lot when Stephens and Bachman emerged soon after. According to the victim’s wife, Stephens punched the victim in the left eye. The victim leaned against the building and Bachman punched him on the head and face several times, police said. The victim’s wife helped him get into their car and was trying to lock the doors when Bachman reportedly pulled the victim out of the vehicle by his feet. Stephens and Bachman then allegedly punched and kicked the victim on his head and body for about a minute, authorities said. The suspects fled. The victim was unconscious and stopped breathing twice, police reports show. He was intubated and taken to the hospital in critical condition.

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10/20/12 11:00 PM by aquarela

thought this was about coming out week