JDS: Title shot match making 'kind of out of order'

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The recently UFC announced a couple of championship bouts with challengers that were not immediately apparent as the #1 contender. First, Alistair Overeem gets a shot at the Heaavyweight belt when the Dutchman returns from a year long suspension for PED use. And then Chael Sonnen, coming off a loss to middleweight champion Anderson Silva, got a shot at light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

In an interview with Brazilian radio station Beat 98, the ordinarily ever positive JDS offered criticism.

“It's kind of out of order," said JDS. "Nowadays, the UFC is prioritizing those fights which will sell well. A prime example of this was Chael Sonnen, who sold his fight very well. Overeem has followed the same path."

“But, for me, bring it on. I do not run from any challenge, I know I can beat anyone whatsoever. Come whoever comes, I will do my best to go out with a win in the Octagon.”

Dos Santos’ fights Cain Velasquez at UFC 155 on December 29 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Although JDS crushed Velasquez quickly in the the UFC debut on FOX, Cain came back with a bloody beating of Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva at UFC 146.

“This time, as Cain himself said he wants the fight to be longer," said Dos Santos. "t least the fight will happen. He is an excellent wrestler and I believe he will want to take it to the floor. He will try to do to me what he did with Silva."

“But I'm not afraid, I am 100% ready to defend the belt. A fight is a fight, you never know how it will be, maybe it will go faster than last time.”

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Recent Comments »

ChaosOverkill site profile image  

10/26/12 1:06 AM by ChaosOverkill

Fighters fighting their manufactured nemesis is the new WWFC  

matazurka site profile image  

10/25/12 8:34 AM by matazurka

JDS is just talking crap and u-turning about Overeem every month. I can imagine JDS is a bit frustrated that he fought more UFC-fights to get a title-shot but if Zuffa thinks this Overeem/JDS fight will make buckets of money he should just obey and hail Dana.btw: How many fights did Brock actually fought to get a title shot? Just 2... Nuff said

Nexuscrawlers site profile image  

10/24/12 7:33 PM by Nexuscrawlers

Agreed. That's why I think jds wants this fight. He says he knows he can beat him (I agree). But it is a little fishy to give a guy coming off a suspension a title shot. But I 100% want them to make this fight after the Cain match. Or even before that if Cain gets injured and Overeem gets licenced or something.

Ryan Black site profile image  

10/24/12 7:24 PM by Ryan Black

JDS has grown on me immensely throughout his UFC career. Dude is- through & through, a consummate professional, a real fighter, and a force to be reckoned with at the top of the foodchain.Really hope he focuses on Cain though; you know the rematch will differ from their first encounter. And I highly doubt JDS is expecting to walk through him in 18 seconds again. Can't wait for this fight.Never been a die-hard Overeem fan... TBH, if JDS KTFO's him quick, like he did Cain- I would consider the Overeem hype train derailed. Then Allistair will be humbled a bit & need to climb the ranks to get another shot, then I don't see any reason why JDS wouldn't consider him a legitimate contender- given that he overcomes the feat of passing every drug test in between.

bigdee1983420 site profile image  

10/24/12 7:23 PM by bigdee1983420

To be quite honest Alistair should make alot of sence to JDS. Him being a Strikeforce/Dream HWT Champ,not to mention the 2010 K-1 Grand Prix champion. Plus Reem has been undefeated for awhile now in MMA. JDS should want that fight,cause if he beats Alistair that will rase his stock 10 folds. Alot of the hardcore fans consider Overeem pretty high up there in the rankings.

UGCTT_I Got Fitched Up site profile image  

10/24/12 7:21 PM by UGCTT_I Got Fitched Up

I didn't vote you down. I promise. I don't VD for opinions. Fighter bashers and trolls only for my VDs.   Again you are stuck in the past, and using the sad demise of PRIDE, and the sad avoidance of M1Global to argue that someone is the "true HW" champion. It is nonsense.

PrettyBoy site profile image  

10/24/12 7:18 PM by PrettyBoy

You got to beat the man to be the man. Fedor -> Werdum -> ReemAnd quit voting me down.

Nexuscrawlers site profile image  

10/24/12 7:06 PM by Nexuscrawlers

Agreed, I've wanted that fight for a long time. I think to JDS these contenders "don't make sense" because he had to beat 7 people in the UFC before he got a shot, and now these 2 get a shot after a 1 win streak.I don't think he is knocking overeems skills as much as the clusterfuck of contenders.

bigdee1983420 site profile image  

10/24/12 6:49 PM by bigdee1983420

It absolutely makes total since in my opinion. Reem is the only style/skill set that JDS has yet to face in the Octagon. By no means was I implying JDS is ducking Reem or doesn't want to fight him. But I do feel he downplays Reems skills alot,and reverts to calling him a cheater etc... When in fact Reem never tested postitive for not one steroid(Which he explained the anti-inflam./Test)was the cause of his elevated Test. to Epi. levels. The MMA media is alot to blame for JDS thinking like that(They jump the gun),if you didn't see it,you cann't say Reem is a roider,period. Bottomline JDS vs Reem is the greatest potential HWT fight of all time. RESPECT!!!

I Get Hard Rolling at BJJ site profile image  

10/24/12 6:11 PM by I Get Hard Rolling at BJJ

Cigano NEVER said it was "out of order", he said it didn't make sense! google translation is wrong